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Monthly Archives: June 1999


The FilmHelp Manifesto

Welcome to, practical low-budget filmmaking advice from writer and director Greg Pak. Articles on this site are provided for educational purposes only. FilmHelp, PakBuzz, and Pak Man Productions do not guarantee or warrant the accuracy, appropriateness, completeness, safety or usefulness of any article. In particular, no article on this site should be taken as legal advice or legal opinion. Users and viewers are always advised to consult with a lawyer regarding any legal question.

By Greg Pak
1. Help thy neighbor
Without the advice and experience of others, I could never have made any of my films. Hence FilmHelp, my attempt to spread some good karma — giving back by sharing the pointers I’ve picked up over the years. May we all continue to give and take, share information, become better filmmakers.
2. Be specific
Vague platitudes foster complacency. Specific, detailed information engenders reflection and action. FilmHelp will strive to base articles and pointers on real life experience, grounded in references to actual productions.
3. Demand rigor
The MiniDV revolution makes it possible for almost anyone to make a film. But making good films requires much more than mere mastery of technical elements. FilmHelp hopes to challenge all of us to become the best storytellers we can be, always striving to improve our craft and our films.

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