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Monthly Archives: April 2000

Penny Marshall Project

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The Penny Marshall Project

A short film conceived by Lisa Jolley and directed by Greg Pak

1999, 12 minutes, color. Three aging filmmakers (Penny Marshall, Frances Ford Coppola, and Akira Kurosawa) disappear into the woods while searching for their independent spirit. Hilarity, of course, ensues. Produced by the Pollyannas, a New York based improvisational comedy group.

Lisa Jolley as Penny Marshall
Bobby Nakanishi as Akira Kurosawa
Todd Stashwick as Francis Ford Coppola

Conceived by Lisa Jolley
Directed by Greg Pak
Produced by Lisa Jolley, Greg Pak, and Jay Bushman
Cinematography by Greg Pak, Lisa Jolley, and Todd Stashwick
Assistant producer: Denise Cristofalo
Edited by Greg Pak
Special thanks to Bill & Shanda Stiles and Mike & Debbie Everett-Lane

Mr. Lee

Home > FILMS > Mr. Lee

Mr. Lee

A short film written and directed by Greg Pak

1994, 6 minutes, color. A Korean American mother finds an African American man in her daughter’s bed.

Mrs. Kim: Audrey Mar
Stanford: Yohan Lim
Mike: Jeff Lambert
Jean: Amy Leigh Maure
Brandy: Shanda Stiles

Director, writer, editor, producer: Greg Pak
Cinematographer: Jennifer Martinez
Assistant Camera: Nasri Zacharia & Jamie Yerkes
Gaffer: Keiko Ibi
Assistant Director: Arthur Flam
Sound: Diane Doniol-Valcroze & Kavita Bali
Music: Carl Finch, Brave Combo

Cat Fight Tonight

Home > FILMS > Cat Fight Tonight

Cat Fight Tonight

A short film written and directed by Greg Pak

2001, 3 minutes 40 seconds, color. Crazy man. Crazy woman. Confused cat.

Midge: Sophia Skiles
Buddy: Greg Pak
Polly: Pollyanna Jones

Producer: Kim Ima
Writer, Director, Producer, Editor: Greg Pak
Cinematographer: Tosh Yamaguchi
Boom and Fight Coordinator: Konrad Aderer

Po Mo Knock Knock

Home > FILMS > Po Mo Knock Knock

Po Mo Knock Knock

A short film written by David Ball and directed by Greg Pak

1998, 3 minutes, B&W. A pair of tortured artistes confront the impossibility of communication by telling post-modern knock-knock jokes.

The film was produced by the Pollyannas, a New York based improvisational comedy group, and completed with a grant from the Experimental Television Center, Ltd.

Knock Knock: David Ball
Who’s There: Bill Stiles
Vin Knight: Vin Knight
French Voice: Frances Barney

Director, Producer, D.P., Editor: Greg Pak
Screenplay: David Ball
Music: Rick Knutsen
Assistant Director: Jennifer Whitfield
Assistant Camera: Trip Kirkpatrick
Gaffer: Lukas Ettlin
Grip: Vlasi Parlapanides
Sound Mixer: Tosh Yamaguchi
Boom: Caroline Cucchiara
Art Direction: Trip Kirkpatrick & Jennifer Whitfield
P.A.: Pam Goldman


Home > FILMS > Mouse


A short film written and directed by Greg Pak

1997, 11 minutes, color. A young man tries to avoid a conversation about pregnancy with his girlfriend by chasing a mouse around his apartment.

With Seung-Hwan Han as Dan and Jo Shui as Joyce
Director, producer, writer, editor: Greg Pak
Cinematographer: Keiko Ibi
Assistant Camera: Nisha Ganatra
Gaffer: Scott Barnard
Assistant Director: Carrie Specht
Sound: Tosh Yamaguchi & Gideon Shmorak
Boom: Amy Veltman, Julia Loktev, Caroline Cucchiara, Stacy Holman
Art Direction: Trip Kirkpatrick & Jennifer Whitfield
Music: Woody Pak

New Haven Advocate on “Asian Pride Porn”


Home > COMICS > Hercules

Incredible Hercules

News | Reviews | Calendar

A Marvel Comics series written by Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente with pencils by Khoi Pham

The planet’s most irresponsible god and incorrigible teen genius wreak havoc in the wake of “World War Hulk.” Featuring Hercules, Amadeus Cho, and a number of extremely annoyed Avengers. on “Incredible Hercules” #113:

… this second issue of Hercules’ story is even stronger than the first, and it’s rapidly on its way to becoming one of the best comics Marvel is publishing.

Comixtreme on Herc in “Incredible Hulk” #109:

Hercules once again gets some really great screentime. …this arc has once again shown us why Hercules is such a great character. He’s complex, and honor-driven, and he’s a pleasure to read about, especially under Pak’s pen.

Marvel Nemesis: The Imperfects

Home > COMICS > Marvel Nemesis

Marvel Nemesis: The Imperfects

A five issue Marvel Comics miniseries
Written by Greg Pak, interior art by Renato Arlem, covers by Jae Lee

Buy the trade paperback from

“The mysterious six-page prologue immediately pulls you into the story so that by the time Ben Grimm appears on page seven you’ve begun to wonder if this is going to be a superhero book or not, but you don’t care if it isn’t. It also features something we actually don’t get much of anymore: a nice introspective sequence with Ben in which we discover that even teenagers hold him in some amount of disregard, and we’re reminded that there’s a very human heart underneath that rocky exterior. Then the real fun begins. While Pak does an excellent job with Ben, his real triumph is Elektra – this is the Elektra that Jennifer Garner should have played, not that humorless woman with the pouty lips we ended up with.”
— Tony Whitt,

Iron Man: House of M

Home > COMICS > Iron Man: House of M

Iron Man: House of M

A three issue Marvel Comics miniseries
Written by Greg Pak, art by Pat Lee

Buy the trade paperback from

“Based on the story alone, Iron Man: House of M belongs next to Spider-Man: House of M as the mini which uses this reality’s premise most consistently and most interestingly. This is not a Doom or Hulk solo book or a New Avengers/Astonishing X-Men crossover. It’s a book about a racist society and the compromises and dilemmas faced by those trying to survive and/or destroy it. On the strength of his writing here as well as on Phoenix: Endsong Greg Pak deserves to be given a major ongoing title.”
— T. Martin,

Amadeus Cho

Home > COMICS > Amadeus Cho

Amadeus Cho, aka Mastermind Excello

News | Reviews | Calendar

“Amadeus Cho is probably the strongest character in Marvel’s stable of properties today…”

A Marvel Comics character created by Greg Pak for a special anthology issue of “Amazing Fantasy” #15, Amadeus Cho was featured in “Incredible Hulk” #100 and #106 to #111 and is now the co-star of “Incredible Hercules.”

Newsarama on Amadeus Cho in “World War Hulk”:

How great is Amadeus Cho? Greg Pak has handled every aspect of Planet Hulk and World War Hulk brilliantly, but his elevation of Amadeus Cho has been a great bonus. on Cho in “Incredible Hulk” #110:

Mastermind Excello is a wonderful character. Not only is he defined by his intellect, but he’s a youthful rebel. … [Greg] Pak’s script not only paints him as a genius, but as something of an innocent whose perspective manages to cut through politics and shades of grey. If Marvel doesn’t direct Pak to do more with this wonderful character, and soon, it’s wasting some great potential. on “Amazing Fantasy” #15:

The shining star of this issue is Greg Pak’s “Mastermind Excello,” featuring a genius teen’s efforts to live life on the lam, out of the hands of those who would try to control him and put his brain to nefarious use. Pak cleverly compares this being of pure brains to a being of pure brawn, but despite being at opposite ends of the power spectrum, they have a lot in common. Miyazawa’s art is a great choice for the property, as the artist captures the main character’s youth and almost mischievous nature quite well. More importantly, he also manages to turn his wholly non-visual powers into a dazzling display (no doubt thanks to some direction from the writer). on “Amazing Fantasy” #15:

… the story and art place this in that rare category, a genuine middle ground between US comics and manga. Good work from Greg Pak and Takeshi Miyazawa, and one I’d like to see again.

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