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Monthly Archives: April 2000


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A four issue Marvel comic book series starting in September 2004
Written by Greg Pak, pencils and inks by Charlie Adlard, covers by JH Williams

It’s a surprisingly refreshing take on a classic character that breaks away from the formulae of superhero stories. Pak writes a mentally stimulating story that incorporates contemporary ideologies with the backdrop of a fearful and unsure world that needs certainty and direction.

Greg Pak has come up with a fruitful concept that could develop into something a little different for Marvel and for the readers. This is definitely something to keep an eye on.

Marvel 1602: New World

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Marvel 1602: New World

A five issue Marvel comic book series starting in August 2005
Written by Greg Pak, pencils by Greg Tocchini

“Pak’s characterization of the Hulk is inspired, and Tocchini’s work with the dinosaurs is still gorgeous to look at.”
— Robert Taylor,

“A worthy follow up to Gaiman’s masterpiece.”
— The Star (Malaysia)

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Happy Hamptons Holiday Camp for Troubled Couples

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Happy Hamptons Holiday Camp for Troubled Couples

A short film directed by Greg Pak, produced by Kim Ima, and written by Greg Pak, Kim Ima, and Vin Knight

2005, 6 1/2 minutes, color. A man gets the hiccups at a holiday camp for troubled couples. But what secret is he really hiding?

Starring Vin Knight and Kim Ima, with Peter Donato, Tanya Tavereau, and the voice of Anthony Marchegiano

Shot and Cut by Greg Pak
Boom, Graphics, Production Assistance: Anthony Marchegiano
Original song, “Wherever It Might Lead,” by Nancy Atlas
Porn and Camp music by David Libby

Super Power Blues

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Super Power Blues

A short film written and directed by Greg Pak, produced by Karin Chien

2005, 6 minutes 40 seconds, color. The story of a superheroine who has to save the world day after day — when all she really wants to do is sleep with her boyfriend.

Starring Sakura Sugihara and Brian Nishii
Cinematography by Toshiro Yamaguchi
Music by David Libby
Special Effects by Robert Morris
Production design by Shane P. Klein
Costumes by Kitty Boots

Battlestar Galactica

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Battlestar Galactica

News | Reviews | Calendar

A Dynamic Entertainment comic book series starting in May 2006
Written by Greg Pak, pencils by Nigel Raynor


“For those who can’t wait until TV’s smartest SCI FI show returns in October, the new, instantly involving comic Battlestar Galactica will satisfy any fan’s hunger. It’s a brand-new story that should appeal to both BSG veterans and comic book fans not yet acquainted with the show. In the first of 13 issues, writer Greg Pak quickly sets the pulse racing with the appearance of a ship under attack whose passengers appear to be Galactica crew members’ long dead loved ones. Or are they really humanity’s arch-enemies, the robotic Cylons? With just enough explanation for newcomers to the mythology, but not enough to slow down the action, I say thank ‘the Gods’ for Dynamite Entertainment’s Battlestar Galactica.”
— Ileane Rudolph, TV Guide Staff Writer

“The wait is over, the new adventures of the crew of the Battlestar Galactica begin here with DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT, writer GREG PAK, and artist NIGEL RAYNOR! Dynamite Entertainment proudly presents their all-new Galactica series with a special #0 issue featuring an original story with a ‘dynamite cliffhanger’ ending that leads into the ongoing series!”
— From the Dynamite Entertainment press release

Incredible Hulk

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Incredible Hulk

News | Reviews | Calendar

Named the Best Ongoing Series of 2007 by Wizard Magazine

Greg Pak’s work with the iconic Marvel Comics character began with the “Planet Hulk” epic (“Incredible Hulk” #92 to #105). Pak then wrote the summer blockbuster, “World War Hulk” (“Incredible Hulk” #106 to #111 and “World War Hulk” #1 to #5). The third part of Pak’s Hulk trilogy begins in early 2008 with “Skaar: Son of Hulk.” Hulk fans also won’t want to miss the “Warbound” miniseries, which follows the Hulk’s alien gladiator companions from “Planet Hulk” here on planet Earth.


Wizard Magazine on “Incredible Hulk”:

“Planet Hulk” turned the big green behemoth from a raging monster into a deeply complex and psychologically driven character. And with “World War Hulk,” Pak proved his ability to deliver complex, heartfelt storytelling and intense scenes of action on the grand stage of company-wide crossovers. on “World War Hulk”:

While the action is great and would make a tremendous popcorn flick if ever put on screen, the reason this series and the finale in particular resonate so much with readers is thanks to writer Greg Pak, who’s created character-driven battles, not mindless slugfests. Whether with a punch or a word, there is raw emotion and angst on display here.

San Jose Mercury News on “Planet Hulk”:

How do you reinvigorate the Incredible Hulk saga? Send him into orbit and make him the new “messiah” for a bloodthirsty planet populated by aliens struggling to overcome a caste system. Pak, who also makes movies, has pulled off one of the most exciting story lines Marvel has produced. Must-read: Marvel’s “Planet Hulk” will set you back $39.99, but it’s worth every penny, turning out to be one of my best reading experiences this year.

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