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Monthly Archives: April 2002

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By Greg Pak
Just because you have no money doesn’t mean you can’t get good folks to help you make your movie, particularly if you’re just shooting over a single weekend.
When I was planning to shoot an extremely low budget digital short film this spring, I figured I’d do it all with a crew of three. But my astute and incredible producer saw that the script really required a few more key folks, including a wardrobe supervisor, a makeup person, a production designer, and an assistant director. She made some calls and a half dozen amazingly talented folks with whom we’d worked on other projects signed on to work for free that weekend. It turned out to be the smoothest shoot and perhaps the best crew I’ve had.

Robot Stories on “Robot Stories”

Penny Marshall Project

“Penny Marshall Project” screenings

Festivals & Screenings
2001 20,000 Leagues Under the Industry Film Festival, Cleveland, OH
2000 Louisville Film Festival, Louisville, KY
2000 Freaky Film Festival, Champaign, IL
2000 Chicago Underground Film Festival
2000 San Diego Asian Film Festival
2000 Opaline Screening Series, NYC
2000 Firewater Films Screening Series, NYC
2000 Arizona International Film Festival
2000 New York Underground Film Festival

Penny Marshall Project

Firewater Films on “Penny Marshall Project”

Mr. Lee

“Mr. Lee” press

Mr. Lee

“Mr. Lee” awards and nominations

1996 Audience Festival Favorite
Asian American Film Festival, Malaysia
1995 Finalist, Student Film Category
WorldFest-Charleston Int’l Film Festival
1995 Special Jury Citation
Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film & Video Festiv

Mr. Lee

“Mr. Lee” festivals and screenings

Festivals & Screenings
2006 DisOrient Asian American Film Festival of Oregon
2002 Gwangju Biennale “Seeing There” Film & Video Program
2001 Glitter Films Screening Series, Raleigh, NC
2001 Slant: Bold Asian American Images, Houston, TX
1998 Films from the Korean Diaspora, Minneapolis, MN
1997 New York Comedy Film Festival, NYC
1997 Vancouver Asian Film Festival
1997 Flicker, Northwest University Film & Video Festival
1997 IndieQueens Film Showcase, Queens, NY
1997 Flick Clique, Youngstown, OH
1996 Korean Cine Forum, Korean Cultural Services, NYC
1996 Korean American Film Festival, Flushing, NY
1996 Stories from the Asian Diaspora Film Festival, Univ. of MD
1996 NYU Asian Pacific American Law Students Ass’n Heritage Week
1996 Carolines Funny Shorts Film Festival, NYC
1995 Worldfest-Charleston International Film Festival
1995 Asian American Int’l Film & Video Festival, Washington, DC
1995 Hawaii International Film Festival
1995 Seattle Asian American Film Festival
1995 Asian American International Film & Video Festival, NYC
1995 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film & Video Festival
1995 Korean American Film Festival, Washington, DC
1995 Asian American Film Showcase, Columbia University, NYC
1995 San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival
1994 Korean American Arts Festival, Oakland, CA
1994 Korean Student Film Festival, NYC

Cat Fight Tonight

La Jolla Light on “Cat Fight Tonight”

Cat Fight Tonight

“Cat Fight Tonight” festivals and screenings

Festivals & Screenings
2006 DisOrient Asian American Film Festival of Oregon
2002 New Orleans Film Festival
2002 DC APA Film Festival
2002 Ohio Independent Film Festival
2002 Big Bear Lake International Film Festival
2002 20,000 Leagues Under the Industry Film Festival, Cleveland
2002 New Filmmakers Screening Series, Anthology Film Archives, NYC
2002 Nomad Videofilm Festival
2002 Asian American Int’l Film Festival, NYC
2002 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film and Video Festival
2002 Hapa Film Night, San Francisco State University
2002 Chicago Asian American Showcase
2002 Arizona Int’l Film Festival
2002 San Francisco Int’l Asian American Film Festival
2001 San Diego Asian Film Festival

Ode to Margaret Cho

Chicago Reader on “Ode to Margaret Cho”

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