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Monthly Archives: January 2003

Tip of the Day: How ’bout patches?

By Greg Pak
Robot Stories patchesWe’re taking my first feature film, “Robot Stories,” to the Slamdance Film Festival this week in Park City, Utah. And we wanted to come up with a cheap promotional device which would work in a snowy town which has municipal ordinances limiting postering and handing out flyers.
Our big brainstorm: Patches which we could sew onto knit caps and scarves.
We ordered a hundred patches from Moritz Embroidery, which did a fine job and delivered in about a week.

Tip of the Day: Solving printing problems with Mac OS X and Safari

By Greg Pak
Like an overeager puppy, I downloaded the new Apple internet browser Safari within minutes of Steve Jobs’ announcement of it at last week’s MacWorld Expo. But after installing it in my Beige G3, I was no longer able to print. Turns out it’s a bug — click here for the AppleCare document explaining how to solve the problem.

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