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Monthly Archives: January 2004

FilmHelp FilmHelp: Post-Production Films

More dropping frames troubleshooting in FCP

By Greg Pak
Today I frustrated the heck out of myself trying to output my feature “Robot Stories” from Final Cut Pro to tape using my 533 MHz dual processor G4. I’d recently installed new drives and reinstalled all my software — and the sucker kept interrupting the output with dropped frames.
Eventually I figured it all out — and it was all stuff I should have known. I turned off file sharing. I disconnected from the internet. And I set the hard drive to never sleep. And it finally worked.

FilmHelp FilmHelp: Post-Production Films

Fix for dropping frames on feature project in FCP

By Greg Pak
I had to put burnt in time code on a dub of my feature “Robot Stories.” Using Final Cut Pro, I nested the sequence within another sequence, applied the Time Code filter under the Video subhead, and then rendered. Then tried playing back to tape. But the machine kept dropping frames Could not figure out why. Eventually I exported the whole movie out to a Quicktime file. Now I’m playing that file by itself — no dropped frames.
I think there must be something about the processor demands of playing rendered clips which made FCP drop frames when the entire project was made up of rendered clips.

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