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Monthly Archives: June 2004

FilmHelp FilmHelp: Post-Production Films

Deck settings for using an AJ-SD930 with FCP

By Greg Pak
I’m working on a short film which we shot using DVCPRO50, which I learned we could edit on my G4 533 MHz dual processor machine, provided I upgraded to OS 10.3 and Final Cut Pro 4.5. Which I did.
The next challenge was getting the footage into the computer. We rented a Panasonic DVCPRO50 deck — the AJ-SD930, which can be connected to a FCP system via Firewire. But for some reason I couldn’t control the deck via the Lo and Capture screen. And I couldn’t see digitized footage through the monitor.
After searching the web, I found a helpful document which provided some settings. Here are the settings I’ve ended up with, which seem to work:
Audio and Video Input are set at SDTI/1394.
Finally, to get digitized footage to play back from the computer, through the deck, and out to the monitor, the video out cable needs to be plugged into Video Out 3 (Super).
I freely admit I don’t understand all of these settings fully — I only know that at this moment in time, they seem to be working for me.

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