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Monthly Archives: July 2005

“Iron Man: House of M” Issue One sells out, goes back to press

According to a Marvel press release at Newsarama, “Iron Man: House of M” Issue One, written by Greg Pak, is one of four “House of M” tie-in books which have sold out and are going back to press with a limited edition second printing.

Preview pages for “Iron Man: House of M” Issue Two has posted four preview pages from Issue Two of “Iron Man: House of M,” a miniseries written by Greg Pak with art by Pat Lee. Clck here to view.

Interview with Greg Pak about “Asian Pride Porn”

Jason Wishnow has interviewed Greg Pak about his short film “Asian Pride Porn” for the Weekly Pic column at

“X-Men: Phoenix – Endsong” hardcover on sale at

The hardcover collecting the “X-Men: Phoenix – Endsong” miniseries, written by Greg Pak and penciled by Greg Land, is now on sale at for the discounted price of $13.59. reviews “Iron Man: House of M” Issue One

From Matt Rosales’s review at

“Greg Pak has an uncanny way of injecting characters with subtle humanity, putting them into out of this world situations while still grounding them in emotion and reality.” review of “Iron Man: House of M” Issue One

From Don MacPherson’s review at

“Greg Pak proves once again why there’s such a buzz in the industry when his name comes up. This stands out as the strongest House of M spinoff concept yet, mainly because it’s not about world domination, it’s not about racism and it’s not even about super-heroes. It’s about a conflict between father and son, and I think most readers will see something of themselves in this incarnation of Tony Stark.”

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