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Monthly Archives: April 2006

Preview art for “Incredible Hulk” #95

Marvel editor extraordinaire Mark Paniccia has provided with a glorious piece of preview art from the upcoming “Incredible Hulk” #95, written by Greg Pak and drawn by Carlo Pagulayan. Click on the image to view the larger version.
“Incredible Hulk” #95 hits stores on May 31 (June 1 in the US due to the Memorial Day holiday). Contact your local comic book shop today to pre-order your copy!
Here’s the solicitation copy for this issue, courtesy of

The Hulk and his Warbound gladiator allies enter their final battle in the Great Arena — where a familiar face from the Marvel Universe returns as an implacable enemy. Faced with betrayal, temptation, and the most terrifying battle the Great Arena has ever seen, will the Hulk stand with his Warbound gladiators — or seize the honors of the Empire? The climactic end of Planet Hulk: Exile!

BrokenFrontier digs “Incredible Hulk” #94

An excerpt:

Incredible Hulk is fast becoming one of comicdom’s must read books…. Each of the first three parts of Planet Hulk have been wonderfully exciting to read and look at, so if you’ve been on the fence about hopping onto the title, I can’t recommend doing so enough. Though it’s still early, this is easily the best the book has been since the historic Peter David run of the 80s and early 90s. And if the final page of this issue is any indication, the book will only get better.

Click here to read the full review.

IGN Comics reviews “Incredible Hulk” #94

An excerpt:

This is Hulk at his best, in a story that showcases the Big Green differently than any earthbound story could. … Is it a classic? There’s still another year to go, but it’s certainly looking like this will be a Hulk tale for the ages.

Click here for the full review.

ComicsShouldBeGood digs “Incredible Hulk” #94

An excerpt:

The story is crisp, the action is enjoyable and the characterizations are solid. … This is an awfully fun comic book.

Click here to read the whole thing
“Incredible Hulk” #94 goes on sale Wednesday, April 26. Use the Comic Shop Locator Service to find a store near you.

FanBoyPlanet loves “Incredible Hulk” #94

The latest rave review:

Whether you knew it or not, readers, you’ve seen many of the major characters here before. How Pak ties them into Marvel continuity is a forehead slapping stroke of cleverness. At times poignant, heart-pounding and even out and out heroic, this book makes a great read, and you can pick up this issue without losing a beat. Then the cliffhanger will have you hooked.

Click here to read the whole thing
“Incredible Hulk” #94 goes on sale Wednesday, April 26. Use the Comic Shop Locator Service to find a store near you.

2006.04.26 – “Incredible Hulk” #94

“Incredible Hulk” #94, the third issue of Greg Pak’s “Planet Hulk” storyline, hits comic book stores April 26. Written by Pak with art by Carlo Pagulayan, “Incredible Hulk” #94 is the third installment of a 14 issue sci fi epic called “Planet Hulk,” wherein the Hulk struggles with the question of whether he’ll become a monster or a hero when he’s exiled to a savage alien planet ruled by a ruthless emperor.
Use the Comic Shop Locator Service to find a store near you.

Preview pages for “Incredible Hulk” #94

Newsarama has put up six new preview pages of “Incredible Hulk” #94, along with an interview with Marvel editor Mark Paniccia about the special flashback pages written by Greg Pak with art by Michael Avon Oeming, Alex Nino, Marshall Rogers, and Mike Allred.
Check out the entire article and preview pages at
More preview pages for the issue can be seen at
“Incredible Hulk” #94 goes on sale Wednesday, April 26. Use the Comic Shop Locator Service to find a store near you.

Newsarama raves about “Incredible Hulk” #94

“Incredible Hulk” #94, which hits comic book stores Wednesday, has gotten a rave review from the Best Shots crew at Newsarama. Here’s an excerpt:

Greg Pak has done an incredible job with Planet Hulk. This is a story worthy of the Hulk, where his power alone allows him to survive. I also like that this savage and brutal version of the Hulk has some intelligence that maintains the Hulk’s personality rather than puny Banner’s. There are a lot of moments taking place in this issue, from the quiet to the barbaric and Pak somehow makes it all work. I can’t wait for the next issue. Things really move at a quick pace and when the final page hits, introducing next issue’s guest star, it is with a very satisfied feeling.

Click here to read the full review.

BrokenFrontier interviews Pak and Raynor on “Battlestar Galactica” comic has interviewed writer Greg Pak and artist Nigel Raynor about their “Battlestar Galactica” comic series which begins with a specially priced 25 cent issue #0 in May. Click here to read the interview. interviews Mark Paniccia on “Planet Hulk” has interviewed Marvel editor Mark Paniccia about the fourteen issue “Planet Hulk” storyline, written by Greg Pak and currently running in the “Incredible Hulk” comic book. The interview includes several pages of hitherto unseen preview art as well as some hints about what’s to come over the next few months. Click here to read the full interview.

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