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Monthly Archives: June 2006

Six preview pages from “Incredible Hulk” #96

Marvel Comics has released the cover plus five lettered preview pages for “Incredible Hulk” #96, the first issue in the “Planet Hulk: Anarchy” story arc, written by Greg Pak with pencils by Aaron Lopresti. Click on the links below to view the pages.
Cover | Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4 | Page 5
“Incredible Hulk” #96 hits comic book stores on July 5. Use the Comic Shop Locator Service to find a store near you.

Pakbuzz interview with Aaron Lopresti, penciler for “Planet Hulk: Anarchy”

A Monster Guy talks Hulk
Aaron Lopresti is penciling the “Planet Hulk” story in “Giant Size Hulk” #1 as well as the “Anarchy” arc of “Planet Hulk” (beginning with “Incredible Hulk” #96). “Incredible Hulk” writer Greg Pak interviews Lopresti about everything from what’s fun to draw to the collaborative process to Michael Golden’s advice. Also featuring two of Lopresti’s gorgeous new preview pages from “Incredible Hulk” #96 (click on the images to see the full pages).
Greg Pak: I seem to remember “Incredible Hulk” editor Mark Paniccia telling me that you were hungry to draw the Hulk. What do you find so compelling about the character?
Aaron Lopresti:
There are two ways to look at a character. One is from the writer’s stand point the other from the artist’s. My desire to draw the Hulk is purely from the artist’s standpoint. He is a big muscular monster! At heart I am a monster guy, who also loves superheroes. The Hulk is the perfect combination of those things. If I were writing the Hulk, I would say that his dual personality, his struggle with his own humanity, and his struggle to find his place in the universe would be what attracts me to the character. But since I am only drawing, I will stick with the simple visual appeal the character has for me.

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Steve Mallorca talks “Slow Jam King” — screening now in NYC!

Ron Domingo in Slow Jam King
Ron Domingo in “Slow Jam King”

A FilmHelp interview by Greg Pak
Steven E. Mallorca’s award winning feature film “Slow Jam King” is now screening at the Imaginasian Theater in New York City. Click here for screening times. And read on for an interview in which Mallorca talks about everything from his set getting raided by police to his favorite slow jams.
Greg Pak: Tell us a bit about the film and who should go see it.
Steven E. Mallorca:
“Slow Jam King” is an offbeat road comedy about JoJo Enriquez, a Filipino-American wannabe gangsta-pimp who, in his attempts to answer his call to the streets, carjacks Vance, a traveling perfume salesman with an affinity to country music. Stuck along for the ride is JoJo’s friend, Devaun, an ex-funkateer and reluctant family man, who tries to talk sense into JoJo and diffuse the situation. The motley trio embark on an escapist roadtrip to Nashville, where they discover truth, love, and the dirty underbelly of the Nashville country music scene. Anyone that’s looking for a good time, enjoys genre-bending films, and likes their humor on the irreverent side with a healthy dose of multi-cultural absurdity should come out to check out “Slow Jam King.” I sort of equate this film to early ’90s Native Tongues hip hop – it’s fun and a little absurd, but with a conscious voice to it – like if De La Soul, or Tribe Called Quest were a hip hop movie…. or better yet Prince Paul. So if you’re a fan of that kind of hip hop, you’ll definitely get into “Slow Jam King.” Also, I think that anyone who’s a do-it-yourself filmmaker or musician can enjoy the film, too.

read more » likes “Battlestar Galactica” #0

Tony Whitt, writing for, has kind things to say about “Battlestar Galactica” #0. Here’s a taste:

… Pak’s script truly soars, turning into the beginnings of an unseen episode we wish they’d hurry up and film already. … the best payoff to this approach is that final page, which even a new reader can have a shock of surprise over, since Pak has set it up so well within this issue. It’s an amazing moment, and one which should get this series started with a bang.

Click here for the full review.
“Battlestar Galactica” #0, written by Greg Pak with art by Nigel Raynor, hit comic book stores June 1. Issue #1 goes on sale in July — tell your local comic store to preorder your copy today! Use the Comic Shop Locator Service to find a shop near you.

RGB rather than CMYK solves oversaturation problem in Final Cut Pro

A quick FilmHelp tip from Greg Pak
While cutting images from “Incredible Hulk” comics into the “Planet Hulk Trailer,” I noticed that some of the art, which looked fine in Photoshop, appeared strangely oversaturated in Final Cut Pro. The problem? The images were CMYK rather than RGB. To change the color mode, I used Photoshop, navigating to Image > Mode > RGB Color. Imported into Final Cut Pro, the new RGB versions of the images looked just fine — no more oversaturation.
View the final product at or

2006.06.09 – “Robot Stories” DVDs and posters given away at 72 Hour Film Shootout Launch Party – NYC

The AAFilmLab is throwing a launch party June 9 in New York City for its 72 Hour Film Shootout — and a few signed DVDs and posters donated by “Robot Stories” director Greg Pak will be given away to lucky attendees! Also, please note that the AAFilmLab is still accepting entries to this year’s shootout until June 8 (that’s a receive-by date) — visit the official website for more information.
Click here for more information about the launch party
Click here for a Pakbuzz interview with AAFilmLab president Matte Chi

Ladronn nabs “Cover of the Week” kudos for “Hulk” #95 from Velocity!

Jose Ladronn’s mindblowing cover of the Hulk versus the Silver Surfer for “Incredible Hulk” #95 has won the coveted “Cover of the Week” title from Velocity Comics in Richmond, VA. Click here to read the whole story.

Great review for “Robot Stories and More Screenplays”

California Bookwatch has reviewed Greg Pak’s “Robot Stories and More Screenplays.” Here’s an excerpt:

It’s not only the futuristic settings which link these plots: it’s an exploration of the problems between men and machines, the created and the natural worlds, which creates such a compelling dynamic in these motion pictures. Small black and white shots pepper the account, but it’s the screenplays which are the heart of this fine title.

Click here for the full blurb.
Click here to buy the book from | Click here to buy the book from

“All Amateur Ecstasy” hits the AtomFilms charts yet again

All Amateur EcstasyGreg Pak’s short film “All Amateur Ecstasy” is once again climbing the charts at — ranked second among the site’s most viewed “Extreme” films. Click here to watch the film online. WARNING: Not for children and not work safe!
The screenplay for “All Amateur Ecstasy” has been published as part of the “Robot Stories and More Screenplays” paperback, now on sale at

The PULSE interviews Pak about Planet Hulk

The PULSE at has interviewed Greg Pak about plans for the next arc of “Planet Hulk.” An excerpt:

THE PULSE: What do you find the most fascinating about this character? What can you just wrap your mind around and be inspired for hours and hours to write by?
The Hulk has tremendous attitude and enormous confidence, which makes him hugely fun to read and write. I find myself thinking about that line from “The Hustler” when Paul Newman says, “I’m the best there is. And even if you beat me, I’m still the best.” That’s the Hulk all over — incredible arrogance and confidence, yet underneath it all is this semi-conscious awareness that the world is going to do him wrong.

Click here for the full interview.

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