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Monthly Archives: August 2006

PopCultureShock debuts video section with Greg Pak interview

The comics and entertainment website has relaunched and revamped with a brand new video section — among its first offerings is an interview with “Incredible Hulk” and “X-Men: Phoenix – Endsong” writer Greg Pak, taped at the San Diego Comic-Con. Click here to view the video. digs “Incredible Hulk” #97

An excerpt:

Greg Pak has quickly become one of the better writers at Marvel. … The story is excellent, the dialogue is spot-on and the pacing is wonderfully done.

Click here for the full review. loves “Incredible Hulk” #97 continues to rave about Greg Pak’s “Planet Hulk” run. Here’s an excerpt from the latest review of “Incredible Hulk” #97:

What’s big, green and kicking the s— out of the rest of Marvel’s monthly titles? Planet Hulk smashes onward with another spectacular issue… Pak manages to make Hulk more than just a monster with a handful of carefully chosen words and one or two subtle actions.

Click here to read the full review.

Planet Hulk Rebel Letters 1 is running a new biweekly feature whereby readers can post questions to Arch-E-5912, a robot in the army of the Green Scar (whose adventures chronicled in the “Incredible Hulk” comic book series written by Greg Pak). Read on for Arch-E’s first dispatch (which includes some clues to the story of “Incredible Hulk” #97, on sale now), and feel free to post your questions on the Newsarama message boards.

Arch-E-5912 in the slave pits of Sakaar, from “Incredible Hulk” #93

Greetings, rebels and revolutionaries of Planet Sakaar! My name is Arch-E-5912. I’m a communications bot and former slave who now serves the Green Scar, aka the Incredible Hulk, as he leads his band of gladiators and refugees in battle against the oppressive Imperial forces of the Red King.
Because of my ability to create encrypted data streams, I’ve been tasked with communicating with the outside world, providing potential allies like yourself with the chance to meet members of the Hulk’s crew and ask whatever questions you may have about the Green Scar and our struggle against the Emperor.

read more »

Buy the camera used to shoot “Robot Stories”!

The Sony DVCAM DSR-500WSPL which was used to shoot Greg Pak’s award winning feature film “Robot Stories” is now on sale at Ebay. Feel free to check out the auction if you’re in the market for a professional PAL DVCAM camcorder which can shoot 16×9 and is in excellent condition. The auction ends tomorrow evening — bid today!
Other items for sale include a damaged Sony VX-1000 (auction ends today!). And a damaged Sony GV-D900 digital video cassette recorder with built-in screen. interviews Pak – Mastermind Excello to appear in “Incredible Hulk” #100! has posted an extensive interview with writer Greg Pak about his “Planet Hulk” story in the “Incredible Hulk” comic book. The interview features on giant piece of news which should interest fans of Mastermind Excello:

What’s coming up in the 100th issue?
PAK: It’s the first issue in the climactic “Allegiance” storyline, featuring incredible action and some shocking emotional developments for the Hulk and his key allies. There’s also a 10-page backup story that gives us a glimpse of what’s happening on Planet Earth. And I’ll go ahead and spill the beans. Issue #100 will feature a few surprise guest stars, including Reed Richards and Amadeus Cho, a.k.a. Mastermind Excello. Who the heck is that, you ask? He’s a character I developed for the Amazing Fantasy #15 anthology issue, and he won the online contest ran to see which character from the anthology would get his or her own miniseries. In the Amazing Fantasy story, Amadeus Cho is a genius kid on the run who has an unexpected encounter with our big green friend. As we’ll see in Incredible Hulk #100, Amadeus may end up playing a very important role in the Hulk’s future…

Click here to read the whole interview.
And contact your local comic store to pre-order your Hulk comics today! interview with Greg Pak: “Hulk,” “Phoenix,” and “Mastermind Excello” has posted an interview with writer Greg Pak about upcoming projects, including “Planet Hulk,” “X-Men: Phoenix – Warsong,” and Mastermind Excello. An excerpt:

Comixfan: Now on to some Planet Hulk related questions. Part one of Planet Hulk just came to an end and Anarchy is fast approaching. Are there any details you can share on what to expect in the upcoming issues?
Greg Pak: If the Exile story arc of Planet Hulk was Star Wars, the Anarchy arc is The Empire Strikes Back. Just as thrilling, but darker and deeper. We’re learning more about the horrors of the Emperor’s rule, the mythic role the Hulk seems destined to play, and how their growing rage is affecting the Hulk and his crew. Big, big things are in store for several of the supporting characters — Miek, the four-armed Native, and Caiera, the gray-skinned female Shadow Guard Lieutenant, in particular. They’re going to become major characters in the Hulk’s life — keep an eye on ‘em! And of course, the smashing continues.

Click here to read the article.

“X-Men: Phoenix – Warsong” variant cover revealed

Marvel Comics has revealed a variant cover drawn by Mike Mayhew for “X-Men: Phoenix – Warsong,” a new miniseries written by Greg Pak with interior art by Tyler Kirkham. Click here to view the cover at Newsarama.
The first issue of “X-Men: Phoenix – Warsong” hits comic book stores on September 6 — tell your local store to order a copy for you today!

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