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2007.04.04 – “Incredible Hulk” #105

“Incredible Hulk” #105, the shattering conclusion to the “Planet Hulk” epic, hits stores on April 4. Here’s the blurb from the Marvel website:

Sons of Sakaar, remember their names! Korg, Miek, Hiroim, Elloe, the Brood Creature and Caiera the Oldstrong! These are the heroes of Sakaar, the Green Scar’s Warbound allies and the Hulk’s greatest friends. As they face the terrifying conclusion to the PLANET HULK epic, who will live? Who will die? And who will pay when the Worldbreaker reveals his true face? Don’t miss the shocking end to PLANET HULK — and the launching pad for Marvel’s WORLD WAR HULK summer blockbuster.

The book is written by Greg Pak with pencils by Carlo Pagulayan. Tell your local comic store to hold a copy for you!

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