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Monthly Archives: June 2007

X-Axis gives “World War Hulk” #1 top marks

The X-Axis’s Paul O’Brien gives “World War Hulk” #1 an “A.” Here’s an excerpt:

Lots of fighting. Lots of action. Great to look at, and a bit of dramatic weight to it all as well. The creators clearly understand where the appeal of this series lies, and that’s precisely what they intend to deliver.

Click here to read the full review.

Greg Pak nominated for Wizard Fan Award – vote online!

“Incredible Hulk” writer Greg Pak has been nominated for a Wizard Fan Award in the “Breakout Talent” category. And the Red King, a character created by Pak for the “Planet Hulk” storyline, has been nominated as Favorite Villain. Click here to vote online today!

Ask Pak questions!

A big chunk of “World War Hulk” writer Greg Pak’s new column for is devoted to answering reader questions. Click here to read the latest column and submit your own questions.

Your Mom’s Basement interviews Greg Pak

As “World War Hulk” #1 and the “Planet Hulk” hardcover hit comic book stores today, interviews writer Greg Pak about the Hulk, Amadeus Cho, and whether that thing’s a tiara or a diadem. Check it out.

Greg Pak’s new column debuts at Broken Frontier

Greg Pak, the writer of Marvel’s “World War Hulk” and Dynamite’s “Battlestar Galactica,” has debuted a new column entitled “Pak Talks Comics” at The first installment features Brilliant Musings about stuff in the air, Shameless Plugs about “Planet Hulk” and “World War Hulk,” and Reader Q&A with queries from acclaimed film director Michael Kang. Future columns will feature Pak’s answers to questions submitted by readers, as well as interviews with Pak’s creative collaborators and sneak peeks of Pak’s upcoming work.
Click here to read the column now!

AICN loves “World War Hulk” #1

Ain’t It Cool News has posted a rave review of “World War Hulk” #1, written by Greg Pak with pencils by John Romita, Jr., which hits comic book stores everywhere on June 13. An excerpt:

In the end, I hope WORLD WAR HULK sparks a return to not only action packed storytelling, but to heroism in the Marvel Universe. … WORLD WAR HULK is strong storytelling AND big budget action. I’m happy to say that all of my reservations about the return of the Hulk were squelched with this issue.

Click here to read the full review.

Wizard interviews Pak about the Hulk

On the eve of the Mighty Marvel Smashfest which is “World War Hulk” #1, Wizard interviews writer Greg Pak about the story. Here’s an excerpt:

What do you think the Hulk’s biggest hurdle is going to be when he lands on Earth?
PAK: I’d hazard a guess that Doctor Strange may provide the biggest challenge. First, because he’s the Sorcerer Supreme. Second, because of all the Illuminati, he has the most history and closest friendship with the Hulk. And third, because in issue #4 of World War Hulk, something goes way, way, way too far. I’ll say no more.
Are there any other landmark issues readers should watch out for?
PAK: Incredible Hulk #110, written by yours truly with pencils by the inestimable Carlo Pagulayan, includes a shocking revelation about the Hulk’s true nature. Hulk fans absolutely won’t want to miss this one.

Click here for the full story.

Giant Greg Pak/World War Hulk interview at IGN

IGN has interviewed Greg Pak extensively about “World War Hulk,” Marvel’s summer comics event, written by Pak and penciled by the legendary John Romita, Jr. Click here to read the article and sneak a look at images from the first issue.

PaperBackReader loves “Battlestar Galactica” #10

An excerpt:

Greg Pak’s writing on this title continues to amaze me. Not only has he consistently hit the right tenor and tone with every character, but his selection of topics and themes have been remarkable, as has the depths he’s been willing to dive into the BSG mythos. It’s a tribute to a lot of things, including the weath of the BSG setting, Mr. Pak’s abilities, and Dynamite’s willingness to be inventive and challenging.

Click here to read the full review.

2007.06.13 – Greg Pak signs comics at Jim Hanley’s Universe, NYC

“World War Hulk” writer Greg Pak, penciler John Romita, Jr., and inker Klaus Jansen will sign copies of Marvel’s summer blockbuster “World War Hulk” #1 in person in New York City from 6-8 pm, June 13, at Jim Hanley’s Universe, 4 West 33rd St., NYC (opposite the Empire State Building).
The much anticipated first issue of Marvel’s summer blockbuster event, “World War Hulk,” hits comic book stores on June 13. Written by Greg Pak with pencils by John Romita, Jr., the five issue miniseries tells the story of the Hulk’s return to Earth and quest for vengeance against the four so-called “heroes” who exiled him to the savage alien planet of Sakaar. Also out on June 13 is the “Planet Hulk” hardcover, also written by Pak, the epic tale that immediately precedes “World War Hulk.” Ask your local comic store to reserve your copy today!
Click here for a six page preview of “World War Hulk” #1.

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