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Monthly Archives: June 2007

Calendar Comics Written by Greg Pak Hulk

2007.06.13 – “World War Hulk” #1 and the “Planet Hulk” hardcover

The much anticipated first issue of Marvel’s summer blockbuster event, “World War Hulk,” hits comic book stores on June 13. Written by Greg Pak with pencils by John Romita, Jr., the five issue miniseries tells the story of the Hulk’s return to Earth and quest for vengeance against the four so-called “heroes” who exiled him to the savage alien planet of Sakaar. Also out on June 13 is the “Planet Hulk” hardcover, also written by Pak, the epic tale that immediately precedes “World War Hulk.” Ask your local comic store to reserve your copy today!
Click here for a six page preview of “World War Hulk” #1.
“World War Hulk” writer Greg Pak, penciler John Romita, Jr., and inker Klaus Jansen will sign copies of the book in person in New York City from 6-8 pm, June 13, at Jim Hanley’s Universe, 4 West 33rd St., NYC (opposite the Empire State Building).

Comics Written by Greg Pak Hulk

IGN gives first word on “World War Hulk” #1

IGN has provided the first advance critical word about “World War Hulk” #1, which hits stores on June 13. Here’s an excerpt:

… we read the first issue of the event and… wow. You’re sure going to get a lot of action, but we can definitely see this series delivering more than that and in a big way. Our jaws dropped when we read the final pages.

Click here for the full article.
“World War Hulk” is written by Greg Pak with pencils by John Romita, Jr. Ask your local comic book store to reserve your copy today.

Comics Written by Greg Pak Hulk

Comic Book Resources talks with Pak about Dr. Strange v. Hulk

Comic Book Resources has published the third of its four “Tales of the Tape” articles, in which writer Greg Pak discusses “World War Hulk”‘s upcoming showdowns between the Hulk and the Marvel superheroes who shot him into space. Click here to see what Dr. Strange’s chances might be against the green goliath.

Battlestar Galactica Comics Written by Greg Pak

Newsarama interviews Greg Pak about “Battlestar Galactica”

Newsarama talks with Greg Pak as his run on Dynamite’s “Battlestar Galactica” comic book series draws to a close. Click here to read the article.

Battlestar Galactica Calendar Comics Written by Greg Pak

2007.06.06 – “Battlestar Galactica” #10

“Battlestar Galactica” #10, written by Greg Pak with pencils by Nigel Raynor, hits comic book stores today. Click here for a four page preview and click here for an interview with writer Greg Pak.

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