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Monthly Archives: September 2007 digs “World War Hulk” #4

Bryant Frattalone gives “World War Hulk” #4, written by Greg Pak, a four bullet review at An excerpt:

Pak continues to turn this story on its ear here and over in the main Incredible Hulk title. I don’t think it’s going in the direction most people thought it would but instead is setting up intriguing dynamics for the future of this character and his relationship with the Marvel Universe of heroes as a whole. Pak does this while presenting what is initially perceived as a simple straight forward story of revenge. I mean look at my plot synopsis. It’s one sentence and that is basically the overarching theme of this issue. But, there is so much going on underneath that statement its staggering and compelling at the same time.

Click here for the full review.

2007.09.29 – “Super Power Blues” screens in Mesa, AZ

Greg Pak’s short film “Super Power Blues” will screen as part of the film festival at the Otaku University anime convention in Mesa, Arizona around 6 pm on September 29 in the Con Theater. Visit the Otaku University website for more information.

Newsarama loves “World War Hulk” 4

An excerpt:

This has been the ultimate in summer popcorn comics, a terrifically drawn and well-told tale of retribution, shredded allegiances and, well, smashing.

Click here for the full review.

“World War Hulk” #4 makes CBR’s Buy Pile

“World War Hulk” #4, written by Greg Pak with pencils by John Romita, Jr., has made Hannibal Tatu’s Buy Pile at Here’s the money quote:

Dangerously entertaining, and Greg Pak deserves a raise.

Click here for the full review.

PULSE interviews Pak about “What If: Planet Hulk”

The PULSE has posted an interview with writer Greg Pak about the “What If: Planet Hulk” one-shot coming in October. The article includes a couple of pages of preview art from penciler Leonard Kirk, who will also be drawing Pak’s “Warbound” miniseries.
Click here to read the interview, and be sure to ask your local comic book store to hold a copy for you.

“Incredible Hulk” #110 makes CBR’s Buy Pile

Full of praise for Amadeus Cho, Hannibal Tabu has added “Incredible Hulk” #110 to his Buy Pile at Here’s an excerpt:

Amadeus Cho seems beyond brilliant, tossing out bon mots and abstract geometry with equal ease (to the new Scorpion: “Look, you might have a poison arm, an exposed belly button and a summer job at SHIELD, but you’re not the boss of me …”) and virtually unflappable aplomb. He steals every scene he’s in, and the title character’s almost a supporting player. Get this kid his own title, stat, he’s magic!

Click here for the full review.

Newsarama loves “Incredible Hulk” #110

An excerpt:

How great is Amadeus Cho? Greg Pak has handled every aspect of Planet Hulk and World War Hulk brilliantly, but his elevation of Amadeus Cho has been a great bonus.

Click here for the full review.

Five top five slots for “Incredible Hulk” #110 at

All five of the reviewers at have added “Incredible Hulk” #110, written by Greg Pak, to their top five lists. From Randy Lauer’s comments:

Pak addresses the notion of whether or not Hulk is a killer in the midst of World War Hulk, and makes it more than just a continuity implant, but instead a great story as well, driven by the character Amadeus Cho, who I’d really like to see more of. Best Hulk issue in quite a long time, in my opinion.

From Nick Budd’s comments:

Pak has actually become one of my favorite writers right now. He gets the Hulk and his explanation as to why the Hulk has never killed before is fantastic. Honestly, I want him to stick with the book for as long as possible. Years if at all possible.

Comixtreme loves “Incredible Hulk” #110

Blake M. Petit raves about “Incredible Hulk” #110 in an advance review at Here’s an excerpt:

Pak does something incredible this issue – he gives us a plausible explanation for the simple most implausible thing about the Hulk since the very birth of the character. Not only does his explanation make sense, but it plays flawlessly into the WWH storyline.

Click here for the full review.
“Incredible Hulk” #110, written by Greg Pak with pencils by Carlo Pagulayan, hits comic book stores on Thursday.

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