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Monthly Archives: December 2007

Comics Written by Greg Pak

Drop a dime on the Hero Initiative

The Hero Initiative is a fantastic charity that helps provide a safety net for comic book creators who need emergency medical care or financial aid. And now all of us can help the Hero Initiative merely by clicking the “Dime” banner halfway down the page at That simple click triggers a donation of ten cents to the Hero Initiative at no cost to you. So click away, and spread the word!

Comics Written by Greg Pak Hercules Hulk

All five Comic Pants reviews list “Incredible Hulk” in top five

All five of the reviewers at listed “Incredible Hulk” in their “Top Five Fridays” lists last week. Click here to check out the article.

Calendar Comics Written by Greg Pak

2008.01.18 – 2008.01.19 – Greg Pak appears at the Rogues Gallery in Round Rock, TX

Marvel Comics writer Greg Pak will be a special guest during the Rogues Gallery comic store’s first anniversary festivties in Round Rock, Texas, on Friday the 18th and Saturday the 19th of January.
Casual meet and greet – Friday, 7-9 pm
Signings – Saturday, 12 to 4 pm
Rogues Gallery Comics and Games
1601 South IH35
Suite #360
Round Rock, TX 78664
Phone: (512) 279-8888
Click here for more details.

Amadeus Cho Comics Written by Greg Pak Hercules Hulk

PULSE interviews Pak and Van Lente about “Incredible Hercules”

Jen Contino has posted an interview at the PULSE with writers Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente about their new “Incredible Hercules” series. An excerpt:

THE PULSE: How is Hercules similar to the Hulk? What makes him appropriate to be the title character here?
FRED VAN LENTE: Hercules has a long history of smashing first and asking questions later, dating well back to mythology, and that sounds just like the Hulk to me. He’s gone into such a mindless rage in myth that he slaughtered his entire family and smashed the entire city of Troy. So you really wouldn’t like either of them when they’re angry… (laughs)
GREG PAK: One of the great things about Hercules and this storyline in particular is that it lets us explore many of themes that make the Hulk so compelling but with a different kind of vibe. Hulk’s the tragic version of the story; Herc lets us play the comic angle a bit more.

Click here to read the full article, which also includes some preview art from the upcoming issue.

Comics Written by Greg Pak Hulk

Oakland Tribune picks “Planet Hulk” for Top Ten list

Greg Pak’s “Planet Hulk” epic makes Randy Myer’s Best of 2007 graphic novels list for the Oakland Tribune. An excerpt:

… this adventure with the big, mean green one so engrossed me that I turned into a hermit one weekend to read it. Pak blasts the Hulk to a bloodthirsty planet caught up in a brutal caste system. This is epic, grand story-telling, on par with “Gladiator” and “Lord of the Rings.” A book that never lags, never disappoints.

Click here for the full article.

Comics Written by Greg Pak Hulk

Cox News names “Incredible Hulk” one of 2007’s top books

Gary Brown of Cox News has included Greg Pak’s “Incredible Hulk” on his list of the top twelve comics of 2007. Click here to read the article.

Comics Written by Greg Pak Hulk mentions Pak in its Best Writer discussion

The Thursday Morning Quarterback Crew at mentions Greg Pak in the “Best Writer” section of their Best of 2007 column. An excerpt:

I came late to the Pak party in Hulk, but every month of this year, he’s delivered something I never thought possible—he made me care about the Hulk…. I got a completely fresh take on a character I used to avoid, and I got a solid year’s worth of entertaining, nail-biting stories that kept me coming back each month. That’s all you can ask for.

I think that whole little corner of the Marvel U, all the post-World War Hulk spinoffs and storylines, are some of the most exciting comics Marvel’s putting out right now. That’s definitely something worth watching for in 2008.

Click here to read the whole column.

Comics Written by Greg Pak Hulk

The Stack taps “World War Hulk” for its Best of 2007 list

The boys of the comic book talk show “The Stack” have released their Best of 2007 list, which includes “World War Hulk,” written by Greg Pak with pencils by John Romita, Jr. Click here to view the video.

Amadeus Cho Comics Written by Greg Pak Hercules Hulk

Newsarama digs “Incredible Hulk” #112

Newsarama has posted a review of “Incredible Hulk” #112 from J. Caleb Mozzocco. The money quote:

I found this issue enormously satisfying, and am really looking forward to the next one.

Click here to read the full review.
“Incredible Hulk” #112 was written by Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente and launches the Hercules/Amadeus Cho storyline that continues with issue #113 next month when the book officially changes its title to “Incredible Hercules.”

Amadeus Cho Comics Written by Greg Pak Hercules Hulk gives “Incredible Hulk” #112 another rave has posted another four star review of “Incredible Hulk” #112, written by Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente with pencils by Khoi Pham. An excerpt:

In the last couple years, Hercules has had a renaissance, as he was extremely well portrayed in Civil War, and then in World War Hulk was once again extremely well written and characterized. Now, he’s taking over this title for a little while, with Amadeus Cho at his side, and although its one of the oddest team-ups, on paper, in reality it ends up working extremely well under Pak/Van Lente’s pens.

Click here for the full review.

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