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2008.05.21 – “WWH – Incredible Hercules” trade paperback

The trade paperback collecting the issues of “Incredible Hulk” that ran during “World War Hulk” hits comic book stores on May 21. Here’s the back cover blurb:

The Illuminati called the Hulk a monster — and shot him into space. But Amadeus Cho, the boy genius who took on Reed Richards, calls the Hulk a hero — and prepares for his return. With just his big brain, a lot of guts, and a few billion dollars stolen from Warren Worthington III, Cho tackles the insane task of building a team of heroes willing to side with the Hulk against the rest of the Marvel Universe. Will Hercules and Angel become the Hulk’s Champions? Will Namor be his Defender? And what happens when the Prince of Power meets the Green King on Manhattan’s shattered streets?

The book collects “Incredible Hulk” #106 to #110, written by Greg Pak, and “Incredible Hulk” #111, written by Pak and Jeff Parker.
Tell your local store to hold a copy for you today!

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