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Monthly Archives: January 2008

Pak Talks Comics: Reader Q&A and “Herc” and “Warbound” preview pages!

Greg Pak’s latest “Pak Talks Comics” column is live at — in this installment, he answers reader questions about “World War Hulk,” Amadeus Cho’s coyote, and “Incredible Herc” — and unveils two new preview pages from “Incredible Hercules” and “Warbound”!
Click here to read the column.
And click here to submit your own questions to “Pak Talks Comics.”

“Mantlo: A Life in Comics” now available for free download

Bill Mantlo, the storied Marvel Comics writer, was hit by a car and suffered brain trauma in the 1990s. Last year, David Yurkovich published a tribute book to Mantlo, the proceeds of which went towards Mantlo’s care. (The book includes a quote from “World War Hulk” writer Greg Pak about Mantlo’s classic run on “Incredible Hulk.”)
Now “Mantlo: A Life in Comics” is available for free download at — with the revenue from advertisers generated from each download going directly to Mantlo’s care. Read on for the official announcment from Yurkovich — and click here to download the book.

read more » sets up online store has set up an online store with handy links to Greg Pak’s books and films at Check it out!

IGN interviews Pak and Van Lente about “Incredible Hercules” has interviewed writers Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente about their “Incredible Hercules” comic book. An excerpt:

IGN Comics: We’re seeing a lot of the less glamorous aspects of Herc’s past so far. Are you delving into the original Greek mythology at all to flesh out the character?
Van Lente: Herc can only be the boozy buffoon if he’s the comedy relief in somebody else’s series or in a team book. But when he has to carry his own title, he has to be a lot more substantial than that, and we found that substance in the original myths. That’s why we’re continuously referencing them.
Well, that, and they’ve been among the world’s most popular stories for thousands of years. Why mess with a winning franchise?
Pak: And centaurs and hydras and hoplites are cool.

The article includes several pages of new preview art from “Incredible Hercules” #114, which hits comic book stores on February 20. Click here to read the interview.

TONIGHT! Pak and Van Lente talk “Hercules” in NYC!

Last minute reminder — tonight, “Incredible Hercules” writers Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente will be guests at the Comic Book Club, a live talk show hosted by Justin Tyler, Pete LePage, and Alex Zalben in New York City. The deets:
8 pm on Tuesday, January 29
Tickets: $5
Phone: 1-800-838-3006
Questions? 212-563-7488
The Peoples Improv Theater
154 West 29th Street, 2nd Floor
Between 6th and 7th Aves.
UPDATE: Greg Pak will bring a stack of signed copies of his comics to give out to audience members. Dontcha dare miss i!
And here’s on “Incredible Hercules” #113, which hit comic book stores on January 16:

…this is well worth the time and money. It’s a step up in quality from the already high quality Incredible Hulk run Pak has been responsible for and the art is very nice. The mythological elements of Hercules character are playing a central part and are serving to make him a much more nuanced and interesting character than he’s ever been. Amadeus Cho continues to be entertaining with his determination and grit. And even Ares is being utilized much more effectively than he has been over in Mighty Avengers. I recommend this highly. It is, without a doubt, one of the best books Marvel is putting out at the moment. dubs Greg Pak “Breakout Talent” of 2007

Greg Pak has been dubbed the Breakout Talent of 2007 in the 2nd Annual Golden Pants Awards bestowed by the reviewers of Click here to see the full list and listen to the podcast.

Hercules makes IGN’s Power Rankings

For the first time, Hercules has cracked the Power Rankings list at IGN Comics, clocking in at number 21. Here’s an excerpt from the blurb:

Greg Pak, Fred Van Lente and Khoi Pham are really making this series work. In fact it is one of the better books Marvel is putting out in the moment. Don’t let the lack of hype keep you from this gem, and if you love it, tell your friends.

Click here to see the whole list.

Jaded Expressions posts a new interview with Greg Pak

The fine folks at Jaded Expressions Magazine have interviewed Greg Pak again — this time about “Incredible Hercules,” Amadeus Cho, and the Warbound. An excerpt:

JXM: Speaking of another jolly giant – Hercules – what are your plans for him? Will he undergo a massive makeover like the Hulk?
Greg: Hercules is one of Marvel’s niftiest characters because he’s not just some strong dude who calls himself Hercules. He’s actually Hercules, the Lion of Olympus, son of Zeus, slayer of the Hydra, scourer of the Augean stables, etcetera etcetera. The character doesn’t need a makeover – he’s been one of the most popular heroes of myth and legend for thousands of years. But Fred and I are getting back to the roots of the character by tapping into insane, thrilling, and sometimes deeply disturbing myths that make up his history. He’s a hero of enormous good humour and fundamentally decent impulses – who’s nonetheless lost himself to rage and madness and committed some of the most horrific atrocities imaginable. That combination of fun, heroism, and dark danger makes for great drama and great comics.

Click here for the full interview.

2008.02.20 – “Incredible Hercules” #114

“Incredible Hercules” #114, written by Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente with pencils by Khoi Pham, hits comic book stores on February 20. Don’t miss the comic that calls “one of the best books Marvel is putting out at the moment” — tell your local retailer to order a copy for you today!
Click here for Marvel’s solicitation for the issue.

2008.02.20 – “Warbound” #3

“World War Hulk Aftersmash: Warbound” #3, written by Greg Pak with pencils by Leonard Kirk and Rafa Sandoval, hits comic book stores on February 20. Ain’t It Cool News praised the last issue for “the single most tense comic book sequence I’ve read all month.” Tell your local retailer to order a copy for you today!
Click here for Marvel’s solicitation for the issue.

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