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Monthly Archives: February 2008

Newsarama interviews Pak and Van Lente on “Hulk Versus Hercules”

Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente are co-writing a one-shot for Marvel Comics entitled “Hulk Versus Hercules: When Titans Clash” — and Newsarama has the scoop! Here’s an excerpt:

GP: Part of the story ties directly into Incredible Hercules #116 and sets up some themes and elements of the “Sacred Invasion” crossover which will follow in Incredible Hercules #117 to #120. And part of the story fits right into a classic Bill Mantlo “Incredible Hulk” tale from the 1980s. I’ll say no more, other than to plug the thrilling fact that you’ll see the Hulk as he hasn’t been seen for a long, long time, and it will be awesome.
FVL: One of the things that people seem to be reacting really positively to in the pages of Incredible Hercules is how we’ve brought Greek mythology into the modern-day Marvel universe, and here we’re kind of doing the same thing, but in reverse.
Let’s just say Olympus is gong to need a new interior decorator. Damn quick.

Click here for the full interview. names Pak “Writer of the Year”

In his “2007 in Review” column at ComicCritique, Adam McGovern has named Greg Pak the Writer of the Year — and has some very nice things to say about “Hulk” and “Hercules” editor Mark Paniccia. Here’s the blurb:

Pak was the one in 2007 to pick up the Grant Morrison banner and prove that crossovers can be art. In the main World War Hulk mini the relentless momentum of Pak’s narrative and the punishing physicality of John Romita Jr.’s bravura visuals conveyed anxieties run amok and real-life war-weariness raised to a hysterical pitch. Pak’s regular Incredible Hulk book was an even more fascinating narrative of the War’s underground factions and captive bystanders, conveying the human cost and psychic shockwaves of conflicts real and fantastic like few other comics of our war-torn decade. The other “fronts” in tie-in titles were almost all as interesting — especially the deranged displaced-persons/profiteer melodrama in Zeb Wells’ Heroes for Hire — and the ramifying followup books shaded the narrative across the genre spectrum, from the sober and humane postwar elegy of Pak’s Aftersmash one-shot to the inventive suspense and moral ambiguity of his lost-platoon Warbound mini to the offbeat insurrection comedy (!) of the Incredible Herc ongoing (!!), an on-the-road (and on-the-run) adventure with Hercules and Amadeus Cho alone against SHIELD in a battle where what’s most at risk is heroism itself (this last one a real-life dream-teamup between Pak and rising auteur Fred Van Lente as co-writer). Every precinct of what I think of as the Paniccia Comics Group — that most original and oddball corner of Marvel’s overall cosmos, under editor Mark Paniccia’s wise dominion — gave its all for the kind of epic that will hopefully become a trend; call it event-garde.

Click here to read the whole column

Pak Talks Comics: Reader Q&A and Ann Marie Fleming interview

The latest “Pak Talks Comics” column has hit This week’s installment features Reader Q&A and an interview with Ann Marie Fleming, a filmmaker who recently turned her documentary, “The Magical Life of Long Tack Sam,” into a graphic novel. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

GP: The book uses photographs, archival material, your own cartoons, and sequential art by Julian Lawrence. Tell us about the challenges in adapting this particular story to comics and how you made your decisions about how to tell the story.
AMF: I was really intimidated, and didn’t know how to begin to make this into a comic. I am a huge fan of indie comics, graphic novels and have such respect for the artistry of people in the field. It was like, I was stuck. I took a page (sic) out of the world of ‘zines… which said “collage is okay”.
After all, it had worked for the film, and I think was a good parallel expression to the nature of Long Tack Sam’s act and life. I used so many different media and techniques because I did not have any film of Long Tack Sam’s act, and it turned out that the scrapbook nature was perfect for my subject… which really is finding a life.

Click here to read the whole column. And click here to submit your questions for the next Reader Q&A.

Another rave for “Warbound” #2…

… this time from Adam Chapman. Here’s an excerpt:

This has been a surprisingly good and enjoyable mini-series so far, and I’m looking forward to what comes next for the Warbound, and for Hiroim and Korg in particular (as they are my personal favourites of the group). Highly Recommended!

Click here for the full review.
“Warbound” #2, written by Greg Pak with pencils by Leonard Kirk and Rafa Sandoval, hit comic book stores on January 16. “Warbound” #3 arrives on February 20. Tell your local shop to preorder a copy for you today!

PopCultureShock has the audio of the Pak/Van Lente CBC appearance! has uploaded the audio of Greg Pak’s and Fred Van Lente’s appearance at the Comic Book Club in New York City. Click here to listen.

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