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Monthly Archives: September 2008

Amadeus Cho Comics Written by Greg Pak Hercules

Comixtreme and Comicsbulletin love “Incredible Hercules” #121

“Incredible Hercules” #121 hits comic book stores today, and Comixtreme and Comicsbulletin both have posted rave advance reviews.
From Comixtreme:

As I’ve come to expect from this creative team, we get another great issue. Herc and Amadeus are a fantastic pairing, and Namora’s presence adds a nice little something…, there’s a great chemistry here that works very well and makes the story a total winner.

From Comicsbulletin:

All in all, this is an extremely fun book that satisfies on every level that a comic is supposed to satisfy on. It looks great. It’s funny. It’s action packed. It’s the best book I’ve read this month. Anyone who’s not reading Incredible Hercules is missing out on something special.

“Incredible Hercules” #121 was written by Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente with art by Clayton Henry.

Comics Written by Greg Pak Magneto Testament

X-fans interview Greg Pak about “Magneto: Testament” at CBR

“Magneto: Testament” writer Greg Pak answers fan questions in this weeks “X-Position” column at Comic Book Resources. Here’s an excerpt:

Will we actually see Magneto enter a concentration camp (as this has been shown in some versions of his origin)?
Yes. This wasn’t a decision we made lightly. But when we undertook this project, we made a commitment to do justice to the material. As I wrote in the afterward to the first issue, we’re doing our best to tell this story in a way that’s “honest, unflinching, human, and humane.” And Max’s experiences in Auschwitz aren’t just critical to his development as a character – they’re an essential part of telling the story of this time period.

Click here to read the whole thing.

Comics Written by Greg Pak Magneto Testament

IGN raves about “Magneto: Testament” #1

Richard George has posted a rave review of “Magneto: Testament” #1 at IGN. Here’s an excerpt:

With its reserved but powerful nature, Magneto: Testament is easily one of the best books of the week, month… and quite possibly year.

“Magneto: Testament” #1 hit comic book stores yesterday — ask your local shop to hold a copy for you today! The book was written by Greg Pak with art by Carlo Di Giandomenico.

Comics Written by Greg Pak Magneto Testament

Comic Pants loves “Magneto: Testament” #1

Dan Grendell has posted a review of “Magneto: Testament” #1 at Here’s an excerpt:

Pak does a great job of taking all the various bits of Magneto’s history tossed out over the years and trying to make a cohesive whole of them, as well as a moving tale, and di Giadomenico brings it to life with brilliant emotion. I have to give credit to Marko Djurdjevic, too, for a striking cover that really sets the tone of the story before even the first page. I’m very much looking forward to the rest of this series.

“Magneto: Testament” #1 hit comic book stores yesterday. The book was written by Greg Pak with art by Carlo Di Giandomenico.

Amadeus Cho Comics Written by Greg Pak Fighting Grandpa Films Hercules Hulk Magneto Testament Rio Chino Robot Stories Skaar Warlock

Geeks of Doom posts massive interview with Greg Pak has posted a big interview with comic book writer and filmmaker Greg Pak about everything from Texas politics to “Robot Stories” to Asian American themes to Skaar, Son of Hulk! Here’s an excerpt:

GoD: Your early film work seems to have focused on Asian American themes, such as Fighting Grandpa and Asian Pride Porn. Without necessarily connecting the two (which would seem, on the surface, awkward), you obviously have a deep influence from your heritage. Tell us a little about your early film work and where you drew your inspiration.

GP: I’m half Korean and half white. These days, people usually think I’m the same ethnicity as whomever I’m standing next to — Latino or Arab or Jewish or Native American or Dutch or whatever — I’ve heard it all. But I’ve always identified strongly as Asian American. When I was a kid I looked pretty much straight up Asian and got my share of racist taunts. But my parents taught me to be proud of my heritage and the Boy Scouts taught me that America was all about liberty and justice for all. The upshot is that I think a big motivating factor for me in becoming a storyteller was this desire to break down the barriers that separate people, to do my little bit to humanize different kinds of people.

“Fighting Grandpa” was my thesis film at NYU — it’s a documentary that asks whether my Korean grandparents ever really loved each other. It’s an incredibly specific story, rooted in one Korean American family’s unique quirks and history. But after screenings, people of all different backgrounds would come up to me and say that that was the story of their grandparents. That meant a great deal to me on a personal level, of course. But it also made me happy because it meant that folks of all different backgrounds had bonded with these Asian American people on the screen in a way that they might never have before. And in a world in which Asians are still horribly stereotyped and ridiculed in the most repellently racist ways in all kinds of media, that felt like a good thing.

In a kind of crazy way, those same impulses have probably helped me write the Hulk. On one level, “Planet Hulk” is about how what we think we know about a person can be completely wrong. Everyone knows the Hulk and his Warbound companions are monsters. But by the end of the story, we realize they may just be heroes. People are always deeper and usually better than the stereotypes would have us believe.

Click here to read the whole thing.

Comics Written by Greg Pak Magneto Testament

Lettered preview of “Magneto: Testament” #1

IGN has posted a six page, lettered preview of “Magneto: Testament” #1, written by Greg Pak with art by Carmine DiGiandomenico. Click here to read the pages — and tell your local retailer to hold a copy for you today!
The book hits comic book stores on September 10.

Comics Written by Greg Pak Hulk Skaar

Greg Pak talks up “Hulk Family”

Kevin Mahadeo has interviewed Greg Pak, Fred Van Lente, and Paul Tobin about their work on the upcoming “Hulk Family” one shot. Here’s an excerpt from the Greg Pak interview about the Skaar story he’s contributing:

Well, can you give up a little hint as to some of the stuff that will be popping up in this issue?
PAK: Well, you’re going to find out the origin of Skaar’s loincloth. [Laughs]
Yes! The story we’ve been waiting for! [Laughs]
PAK: Exactly! Where did he get that jaunty loincloth and how did he know how to wear it with such pizzazz? We also get a glimpse of young Skaar’s artistic abilities. So, how about that? And of course much slashing and smashing takes place. And who knows, somebody might eat somebody.

Click here to read the whole thing.

Comics Written by Greg Pak Hulk Skaar

Greg Pak talks “Savage World of Sakaar”

Comic Book Resources has interviewed Greg Pak about the “Savage World of Sakaar” one shot that hits comic book stores on September 24. Here’s an excerpt:

“Savage World of Sakaar” is both an anthology and a single story that ties into the larger mythology of Sakaar. “There’s an overall story that fits right into the continuity between ‘Skaar’ #3 and #4. And there are a number of other stories throughout the book that reveal critical bits of history from the lives of several of our key characters.” Pak stated. “I’m pretty darn proud of the book — it might just be the best Skaar script I’ve written thus far. And it’s absolutely chock full of key character moments for our principals and little nuggets and hints about what’s to come.”

Click here to read the whole article and view the amazing preview art from Carlo Pagulayan, Tim Green II, Gabriel Hardman, and Tim Truman — then tell your local comic shop to hold you a copy today!

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