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Monthly Archives: January 2009

2009.01.28 – “Incredible Hercules” #125

“Incredible Hercules” #125, written by Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente with art by Salva Espin and Clayton Henry, hits comic book stores on January 28. Here’s the solicit from

“LOVE & WAR” – Conclusion!
MS. FANTASTIC! X-23, the WOLVERINE! Mary-Jane Parker, the Spectacular SPIDER-WOMAN! Emma “WHITE PHOENIX” Frost! These are the AVENGERS of the United States of Amazonia now that the World Axis has shifted — and they’ve got the last fighter for men’s liberation, Hercules, in their sights! Click here for a interview with Pak and Van Lente about the issue.

2009.02.04 – “Magneto Testament” #5

The “Magneto Testament” miniseries concludes when issue #5 hits comic book stores on January 28. Here’s the solicit from

The boy survived Kristallnacht, the Einsatzgruppe, and the Warsaw Ghetto. But now Max Eisenhardt faces Hitler’s Final Solution in the death camp known as Auschwitz-Birkenau. What will it take to endure? Who are the Sonderkommando? And will a vision of a girl named Magda bring hope – or horror? The definitive origin story of Magneto reaches its shattering conclusion.

“Magneto Testament” is written by Greg Pak with art by Carmine DiGiandomenico. The book was recently named “Miniseries of the Year” by IGN.

2009.01.21 – “War Machine” #2

“War Machine” #2, written by Greg Pak with art by Leonardo Manco, hits comic book stores on January 21. Here’s the solicit from

In the blasted heart of occupied Aqiria, the mercenaries of Eaglestar International literally write the laws, committing heinous atrocities with no repercussions. But today, the loopholes are closing — around their necks! Who will pay the final price when the skies explode with the arrival of the world’s only eight foot tall, hundred-gun-equipped, shoulder-rocket-mounted, titanium-vibranium-alloy-armored, kill-number-counting, one-man-army for truth, justice, and good old-fashioned payback? And what does last issue’s mind-blowing ending mean for Jim Rhodes, the shattered man inside this shocking new War Machine? likes “War Machine” #1

Tonya Crawford has posted a review of “War Machine” #1 at The kicker:

The lines between man and machine, hero and monster, justice and murder can be entertaining and interesting to explore under a talented pen and Pak certainly has that talent. By giving a bit more weight to the characters and their reactions over the plot, Pak manages to make a story that readers have seen before seem new, different, and gripping.

Click here to read the whole thing.
“War Machine” is written by Greg Pak with art by Leonardo Manco. The first issue hit comic book stores on January 2; the second issue arrives on January 21.

Pak and Van Lente talk up “Incredible Hercules” #125 — and the United States of Amazonia!’s Marc Strom has interviewed writers Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente about the topsy turvy Amazon-run world that’s featured in “Incredible Hercules” #125, which hits comic book stores on January 28.
Click here to read the interview and view some gorgeous preview images drawn by Salva Espin!

“Incredible Hercules” ranks #7 in CBR’s 100 Best Comics of 2008

“Incredible Hercules,” written by Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente, has been named the 7th best comic series of 2008 by Comic Book Resources, the highest ranked Marvel comic book on the list. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente took a flagship Marvel book and character and summarily replaced him with a small time Avenger and his teenage sidekick. Surprising everyone, in doing so they created one of the most charming and oddly moving superhero books of the year. – Reviewer Benjamin Birdie

Click here to read the whole thing and see the whole list.

Newsarama likes “War Machine” #1

From the Brendan McGuirk Best Shots mini-review:

My favorite memories of War Machine are from the Benson/ Kaminski and Gabriel Gecko 1994 series, where Rhodey basically became the defense branch of a small nation, so I thought War Machine #1 was full of logical developments for the character. I think the cyborg angle makes so much sense it is hard to imagine going back. Leonardo Manco does a great job capturing a gritty technological feel, and Greg Pak does a great job keeping the pace up. I think this series will be one to watch.

“War Machine” #1 hit comic book stores on January 2. “War Machine” #2 arrives on January 21.

IGN raves about “Magneto Testament” #4

Richard George of IGN has posted a rave review of “Magneto Testament” #4, written by Greg Pak with art by Carmine DiGiandomenico. The kicker:

Testament is the definition of “must read” material. Do not miss this modern classic.

Click here to read the whole review.

Greg Pak talks digital comics at Newsarama

Vaneta Rogers’ latest column at Newsarama features a slew of creators discussing “The biggest opportunity for comics in 2009.” Click here to read the article, in which writer Greg Pak talks about the potential for the comics industry in cracking questions of digital format, pricing, and distribution.

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