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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Comics Written by Greg Pak Hulk Skaar

CBR posts preview of “Skaar” #11

Comic Book Resources has posted a six page lettered preview of “Skaar” #11, which features a never-before-seen side of the Son of Hulk and continues the “Planet Skaar” storyline.
Click here to check out the pages, and ask your local store to hold a copy for you today!
“Skaar” #11 was written by Greg Pak with art by Ron Lim and Dan Panosian. The book hits stores on June 3.

Comics Written by Greg Pak War Machine

IGN likes “War Machine” #6

Kevin Fuller has written a glowing review of “War Machine” #6 for IGN. Here’s an excerpt:

… this is a fun series that definitely qualifies as one of the best new titles to come out of Secret Invasion/Dark Reign. Instead of just being event aftermath filler, it has an original concept and direction that isn’t being met by any other titles.

Click here to read the whole thing.
“War Machine” #6 was written by Greg Pak with pencils by Allan Jefferson and Mahmud Asrar. The book hit comic book stores May 28.

Comics Written by Greg Pak Magneto Testament

Magneto Testament endnote weblinks

By Greg Pak
As promised, please see below for clickable links to the websites listed in the endnotes to the collected hardcover of “Magneto Testament.” I hope these links will be helpful to readers of “Testament” and anyone who’s interested in learning more about the Holocaust.

General Web Resources
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Yad Vashem: The Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Authority
Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive
Specific References
Issue One, Page 13
Archival image of the “Ich habe deutsches Mädchen geschändet” sign
Issue One, page 14
More about the Nuremberg Laws and other anti-Jewish legislation in the pre-war period
Full text of the Nuremberg Laws

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Citizen Comics Written by Greg Pak Films Hercules Hulk Magneto Testament Pak Talks Comics Robot Stories Skaar War Machine Warbound Warlock

Pak Talks Comics – Super Giant Reader Q&A!

By Greg Pak
Over the next few months, I’m reworking the format of my “Pak Talks Comics” column for The new and improved column should appear towards the end of the summer. But in the meantime, I’ll continue the Reader Q&A portion of the column right here at, so keep those questions coming and read on for answers to the latest batch!
WARNING: Some spoilers ahead for a few recent issues of “Incredible Hercules,” “Skaar,” and “Magneto Testament.”
Hrungr: With the Olympians now on Earth along with the Asgardians, does anyone remember that the Celestials had ordered them to stop interfering with humanity? Or is it a case where humanity has grown to the point that the gods are simply another group of superpowered beings?
Thanks for the question, Hrungr. As you’ll see, Bill has a similar question about the nature of the gods below – I’ll answer them together in a second. Also, since we’re on the subject, “Incredible Hercules” #129 hits comic book stores today — feel free to check out the preview!
Bill Frank: I just want to start out by saying that I am really enjoying your and Van Lente’s run on “Incredible Hercules.” You both seem to have caught the real feel for a mythological character that some writers miss. With that in mind, I was wondering a few things about your run that can be roughly divided into three sets of questions, if you don’t mind:
In universes like Marvel’s there are a myriad of super powerful beings with powers and abilities rivaling if not surpassing gods. Some beings like Eternals have been mistaken for gods in the past and have almost identical power-sets except they are science based instead of magic based. When writing a series like “Incredible Hercules,” what separates gods from other super powered beings? What distinguishes Hercules, an immortal super-strong man from other immortal super-strong men like Gilgamesh or Wonder Man or makes him different from being just some ancient superhero?
I’m not saying this is the case, but it’s within the realm of possibility that all of the powers of Herc and his relatives could be explained via Marvel science; maybe they’re not gods, just immortal superhumans. But for millennia, Herc has been told he’s literally a god and has been worshipped as a god. So a huge part of his story is this struggle with questions of a god’s prerogatives and responsibilities. Characters like Wonder Man and the Hulk and Wolverine, who might be functionally immortal, haven’t had that millennia-long struggle with the question of godhood that Herc has, nor do they come from a family and culture of fellow gods struggling with the same issues. Those are major differences that create different animating themes for these characters.

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Comics Written by Greg Pak Hulk Skaar

Ain’t It Cool likes “Planet Skaar Prologue”

Here’s an excerpt:

Now we get to see the Jolly Green Giant’s Lil’ Sprout tussle with the FF, She-Hulk, Norman Osborn, and allllmost take part in a slugfest with his father. Writer Greg Pak keeps this story moving at a brisk pace. He touches all of the bases in terms of plot. And in the end, this was probably the best gamma powered comic from Pak since PLANET HULK.

Click here to read the whole thing.
“Planet Skaar Prologue” was written by Greg Pak with art by Dan Panosian. The book hit comic book stores on May 20.

Comics Written by Greg Pak Hulk Skaar digs “Planet Skaar Prologue” digs the “Planet Skaar Prologue,” written by Greg Pak with pencils by Dan Panosian. Here’s an excerpt:

Pak’s handle on the characters, especially his usage of the FF makes for some great comic book reading…. This issue certainly has me excited.

Click here to read the whole thing.

Films Robot Stories

“Robot Stories and More Screenplays” now available for the Kindle

Greg Pak’s “Robot Stories and More Screenplays” book is now available for the Kindle for just four bucks at The book contains the screenplay to the award winning feature film as well as the screenplays to a number of Pak’s shorts, including “Mouse,” “Asian Pride Porn,” and “All Amateur Ecstasy.”
Click here to buy it!

Comics Written by Greg Pak War Machine

“War Machine” #6 preview!

Comic Book Resources has posted a seven page lettered preview of “War Machine” #6, written by Greg Pak with pencils by Allan Jefferson and Mahmud Asrar. The story features American Eagle, aka Jason Strongbow… and the return of Mother Rhodes!
Click here to view the pages.
“War Machine” #6 hits comic book stores on May 28. Ask your local store to hold a copy for you today!

Amadeus Cho Comics Written by Greg Pak Hercules

“Incredible Hercules” #129 preview!

Comic Book Resources has posted an eight page lettered preview of “Incredible Hercules” #129, written by Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente with pencils by Ryan Stegman.
Click here to view the pages.
“Incredible Hercules” #129 goes on sale March 28. Ask your local store to hold a copy for you!

Comics Written by Greg Pak Hulk Skaar

Greg Pak returns to “Incredible Hulk” in August!

Marvel has just revealed that “Planet Hulk” and “World War Hulk” writer Greg Pak will return to the “Incredible Hulk” title in August with issue #601. Newsarama’s Matt Brady interviewed Pak about his plans for the book. Here’s an excerpt:

NRAMA: Okay, and then – in August, you’re on Incredible Hulk #601. The solicitation for July’s Incredible Hulk #600 states that it’s by the regular Hulk team of Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuiness. What story are you going to be telling in that series, then?
GP: Incredible Hulk #601 springs out of Jeph and Ed’s mind-blowing Incredible Hulk #600 and the momentous events of Skaar #12 and launches a brand new Hulk series written by yours truly with art by the brilliant Ariel Olivetti! Those same insane events will reverberate thunderously through Jeph and Ed’s “Hulk” book starting with issue #13. That’s right, Marvel fans — the Hulk’s story has become so huge he’s taking over two big books!
This is the first giant climax of the insane plans Jeph and I have been cooking up from the beginning. We’re about to pay off some huge mysteries and emotional storylines in some of the biggest ways you can imagine — so dontcha dare miss a single issue!

Click here to read the whole thing.

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