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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Comics Written by Greg Pak Hulk

Wizard ranks Greg Pak as the third top Hulk creator

Wizard Magazine #214 has ranked the top ten Hulk creators of all time — and writer Greg Pak clocks in at number three. Here’s an excerpt:

… Pak’s mix of earth-shattering event and smart political allegory opened up the character’s mythology on its biggest scale ever.

Pak returns to the “Incredible Hulk” ongoing series in August with issue #601. Ask your local retailer to order you a copy today!

Comics Written by Greg Pak War Machine

Wizard Magazine loves “War Machine: Iron Heart”

“War Machine: Iron Heart,” the collection of the first five issues of Greg Pak’s “War Machine” series, has garnered kudos from Jason Knize in Wizard Magazine. Here’s an excerpt:

Throw in the Ultimo Virus, Norman Osborn and a knock-down-drag-out fight with Ares the God of War, and you’ve got yourself a gritty, action-packed, viscera-soaked solo arc that War Machine has deserved since the ’90s.

Click here to preorder “War Machine: Iron Heart” from

Comics Written by Greg Pak Rio Chino

Newsarama inteviews Pak, Woods, Fialkov, and Martin about “Outlaw Territory”

“Outlaw Territory,” an comic book anthology of Western stories that includes Greg Pak’s “Rio Chino,” hit comic book stores Wednesday and can be purchased online from Newsarama’s Steve Ekstrom has interviewed editor Michael Woods, along with contributors Greg Pak, Joshua Fialkov, and Skipper Martin. Here’s an excerpt:

NRAMA: Let’s turn and talk to some of the contributors—what can you tell us about your stories? Who did you work with on your projects?
Greg Pak: My piece is called ‘Rio Chino’—it tells the story of a Chinese gunslinger in the Old West who stumbles across a lynching in a small town. It’s actually a prequel to a screenplay I wrote a few years back that’s my big dream project in the film world. Ian Kim penciled, inked, and colored the story. This is Ian’s first published comics work, and he did an awesome job.

Click here to read the whole thing.
Click here to buy Outlaw Territory Volume 1 from

Comics Written by Greg Pak

Larry Hama to receive the Kiyama Award at the Asian American ComiCon on July 11 in NYC

Greg Pak is helping organize the Asian American ComiCon slated for July 11 in NYC. Here’s the latest news from the official press release about the first recipient of the Henry Y Kiyama Award:

The organizers of the First Annual Asian American ComiCon (AACC), a celebration of the unique contemporary role and historical legacy of Asians and Asian Americans in the world of graphic fiction, have announced the presentation of the Henry Y. Kiyama Award to comics pioneer Larry Hama at the event, to be held on Saturday, July 11, 2009 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Museum of Chinese in America (215 Centre Street in New York).
“We want this annual award to recognize the contribution of Asian and Asian Americans to U.S. comic book culture,” says Jeff Yang, co-chair of the event and editor-in-chief of the graphic novel collection Secret Identities: The Asian American Superhero Anthology. “No one better exemplifies that contribution than Henry Kiyama, whose career represented the convergence of two worlds and industries, and whose work pointed the way to the future of graphic storytelling.”
Kiyama published his breakthrough book The Four Immigrants in 1931. A poignant collection of cartoon stories about life as a Japanese student expatriate in early 20th century San Francisco, it explores the issues these early immigrants faced in a world whose language, culture and traditions were new, strange and confusing. Originally intended for newspaper serialization, Kiyama’s stories were never published in that form; instead, they were ultimately released as a single book-length collection. This publication format, along with the fact that the stories in Four Immigrants featured a group of semiautobiographical characters (based on Kiyama and his friends) who grew, evolved and contended with real historical issues and events, has led some to advocate that it be recognized as the first original graphic novel published in America (arriving a decade before Virginia Lee Burton’s Calico the Wonder Horse in 1941 and nearly two decades before Arnold Drake and Leslie Waller’s It Rhymes with Lust in 1950). Since 1999, Kiyama’s landmark book has been made available by Berkeley, CA–based Stone Bridge Press.
Tickets for the nonprofit Asian American ComiCon are $15 for students, $25 for adults (18 and older), and $75 for a special VIP Pass, entitling the bearer to priority reserved seating at all panels and workshops, a complimentary Asian American graphic novel, signed by its creators, and an original sketch from one of the artists participating in the event’s Artists Alley. Registration will be limited, and is available in advance through the following link: Note: All passes may sell out before the day of the event.

Calendar Comics Written by Greg Pak

2009.07.11 – Asian American ComiCon in NYC

Comics writer Greg Pak will attend the first ever Asian American ComiCon this July 11 in New York City. Pak is organizing the “Making Comics” panels at the convention, which will feature such luminaries as Larry Hama, Khoi Pham, Christine Norrie, Cliff Chiang, Sean Chen, Fred Chao, and Christina Strain, among others.
For more information, visit To buy tickets, visit today!

Comics Written by Greg Pak Hulk Skaar interviews Pak about “The List: Hulk”’s Kevin Mahadeo has interviewed writer Greg Pak about his upcoming “The List: Hulk” one shot. Here’s an excerpt: We all know that the madder Hulk gets the stronger Hulk gets. What levels of anger can we expect to see here: punch a car Hulk or break the moon Hulk?
Greg Pak: I’ll just say that this will be a real contest and Norman’s side ain’t going down without a fight, no matter how much gamma-powered anger they face. I’ll also say this won’t be a face-saving super hero showdown in which both sides come off smelling like roses. This is a dirty, brutal fight with a real winner and a real loser. Does Norman have a game plan for battling the Hulk? It’s safe to assume going head-on is a bad strategy.
Greg Pak: Norman’s pulling in a ringer who has a history with the Hulk and a unique skill set for getting inside the big green’s head. And no, it isn’t Doc Samson. Norman’s ally is considerably prettier, for one.

Click here to read the whole thing.

Comics Written by Greg Pak Hulk Skaar

Newsarama and CBR interview Greg Pak about “The List: Hulk”

At Wizard World Philly, Marvel announced that Greg Pak will be writing a special one-shot entitled “The List: Hulk,” penciled by Ben Oliver. Here’s an excerpt from the Comic Book Resources article:

“I’ve had the good fortune to use Norman [Osborn] as a major supporting character in both ‘War Machine’ and the ‘Planet Skaar Prologue,'” Pak explained of his one-shot story of the Hulk with artist Ben Oliver. “Norman’s involvement in ‘The List: Hulk’ absolutely picks up on some threads from the ‘Planet Skaar Prologue.’ So folks who have been following that story will get some sweet payoffs. But new readers should have no problem picking up and enjoying the heck out of ‘The List: Hulk.’ Incidentally, fans of Norman definitely won’t want to miss his final showdown with James Rhodes in “War Machine” #9 and #10, coming in August and September.”

And here’s part of the Newsarama interview:

Newsarama: Greg, you’ve got your fingers on many of the various pulses around the Hulk’s universe. Aside from his use in Mighty Avengers, he’s been pretty much left out of Dark Reign. Why is that?
Greg Pak: There are basically three Hulks running around at the moment, and each has had a pretty full dance card up ’til now. But now that Skaar’s hit Planet Earth and we’re about to get two ongoing Hulk books — Jeph Loeb’s Hulk and my own Incredible Hulk — it’s time for the gamma boys to interact more directly with the Marvel Universe proper. There’s some stuff around the place that could do with some smashing, dontcha think?
NRAMA: Sounds like it is. So what happens in The List – Hulk to change that?
Norman messes with a friend of the Hulk. Banner picks a fight. And then all hell breaks loose.

Click here to read the whole thing.

Comics Written by Greg Pak Hulk Skaar

“Skaar” #12 preview pages!

Comic Book Resources has posted five lettered preview pages of “Skaar” #12, written by Greg Pak and pencilled by Ron Lim.
Click here to check it out.
“Skaar” #12 hits comic book stores on June 24 and features the first confrontation between the Hulk and his savage son.

Amadeus Cho Comics Written by Greg Pak Hercules

“Incredible Hercules” #130 preview

Six lettered preview pages at Comic Book Resources!
Check it out!
“Incredible Hercules” #130 was written by Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente with pencils by Ryan Stegman. The book hits comic book stores on June 24.

Calendar Comics Written by Greg Pak

2009.06.19 – 06.21 – Greg Pak at WizardWorld Philly

Comic book writer Greg Pak will attend Wizard World Philly as a special guest. For more about the show and to buy tickets, visit
Here is Pak’s schedule thus far:
Saturday, June 20 – 12:30-1:30 – Hero Initiative signing
Saturday, June 20 – 2-3 pm – Marvel: Dark Reign panel
Sunday, June 21 – 12-1 pm – Mondo Marvel panel
Sunday, June 21 – 3-4 pm – Humor in Superhero Comics panel
Updates coming soon with additional appearances and locations.

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