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Monthly Archives: June 2009

2009.07.01 – “Planet Skaar Prologue,” second printing

The second printing of the sold-out “Planet Skaar Prologue,” written by Greg Pak with art by Dan Panosian, hits stores on July 1. Here’s the scoop from Comixology:

2009.06.24 – “Incredible Hercules” #130

“Incredible Hercules” #130, written by Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente with art by Ryan Stegman, hits comic book stores on June 24. Here’s the scoop from Comixology:

2009.06.24 – “Skaar” #12

“Skaar” #12, written by Greg Pak with art by Ron Lim and Rodney Buchemi, hits comic stores on June 24. Here’s more info from Comixology:

2009.06.24 – “Outlaw Territory” with Greg Pak’s “Rio Chino”

“Outlaw Territory” Volume 1, an anthology of Western stories that includes Greg Pak’s “Rio Chino,” hits comic book stores on June 24. Here’s more info from Comixology (but please note the release date is June 24, not June 17):

2009.06.17 – “War Machine” #7

“War Machine” #7, written by Greg Pak, hits comic book stores on June 17. Here’s the scoop from Comixology:

Cup O’ Joe reveals new “Incredible Hulk” cover!

Feast your eyes on the latest cover from artist Ariel Olivetti for the new “Incredible Hulk” series, written by Greg Pak!
For more previews of Marvel art, check out the new Cup O’ Joe column at Comic Book Resources.

Myspace comics previews “War Machine” #7

Myspace Comics has posted an exclusive six page preview of “War Machine” #7, written by Greg Pak with pencils by Allan Jefferson, Mahmud Asrar, and RB Silva. From the blurbage:

Writer Greg Pak teased, “For the past six months, James Rhodes, aka War Machine, has used his new cyborg body and weapons-assimiliating powers to plow through monsters and madmen in overseas hellholes from Santo Marco to Occupied Aqiria. In issue #7, Rhodey brings the fight to American soil. Get ready for major character revelations and massive action as we finally reveal the circumstances of Rhodey’s life-changing injuries that led to his current cyborg form, throw Rhodey into battle against his deadliest enemy, and reveal a shocking new adversary no one’s gonna see coming!”

Check it out here.
“War Machine” #7 hits comic book stores everywhere on June 17.

“Planet Skaar Prologue” sells out, goes to second printing!

From the official Marvel press release:

Planet Skaar Prologue Sells Out & Returns With New Printing!
Marvel is pleased to announce that Planet Skaar Prologue has sold out at Diamond (though copies may be available at the retail level) and will return with Planet Skaar Prologue Second Printing Variant! New York Times Best-Selling scribe Greg Pak and fan favorite artist Dan Panosian present the arrival of Hulk’s son, Skaar, to planet Earth! As Skaar smashes his way through some of Marvel’s biggest heroes searching for his father, forces gather to prevent this incredible reunion. But the Hulk isn’t about to let any puny humans stand in the way of finding his son! Planet Skaar Prologue Second Printing Variant features the interior art of Panosian on a new cover!
Marvel urges retailers to check their orders on all Planet Skaar issues as the first chapter sold out immediately! Will Hulk greet Skaar with a Hulk Hug…or a Hulk Smash!? Find out in Planet Skaar Prologue Second Printing Variant! Don’t miss the new chapter of this savage epic in Skaar: Son Of Hulk #11, on-sale this week!
Written by GREG PAK
Penciled by DAN PANOSIAN
Parental Advisory …$3.99
FOC—6/11/09, On-Sale—7/1/09
To find a comic shop near you, call 1-888-comicbook or visit

IGN likes “Skaar” #11

An excerpt from Jesse Schedeen’s review:

Pak provides a nice little glimpse of human Skaar and his first real interaction with humans. In some ways Skaar is being positioned to become more like his father, but he also displays a boundless rage and bloodlust that sets him apart. All in all, this issue provides a lot of quality payoff for seeds that have slowly been germinating since the aftermath of WWH.

Click here to read the whole thing.
“Skaar” #11 was written by Greg Pak with art by Ron Lim and Dan Panosian. Ask your local store to hold a copy for you today!

Pendragon’s Post plugs “War Machine” #6

An excerpt:

Overall a great read. This book makes you think, while maintaining the expected excitement and thrills of the super hero genre. The book also uses my preferred form of comic book art: striking the ideal balance between beautiful craft and realism. When I read a comic book I want to be transported to another reality, but I still want to be able to suspend my disbelief enough to think that hey, this could have been our world.

Click here to read the whole thing.

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