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Monthly Archives: June 2009

“The Buy Pile” LOVES “Incredible Hercules” #129

Hannibal Tabu puts “Incredible Hercules” in his “Buy Pile.” Here’s an excerpt:

[Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente] recast Erebus (“the region of Hades that abuts the mortal world, where the dead first arrive and many stay here … those who believe they have unfinished stories and ache for a chance to be reborn”) into a glitzy casino where people can “gamble all day, hoping against reason to be selected for resurrection (although, to be honest, more of them win than you might ever expect”) and even posits a great reason for the differing views of the afterlife from different spiritual perspectives. It’s brilliant. The more you read it, the more sense it makes… When you add in Hera’s shows of power, Amadeus’ gaming skill (“I have no idea why people make such a big deal about this game”) and the beautifully rendered finale and this is an issue that’ll creep into your consciousness weeks down the line.

Click here to read the whole thing.

CBR likes “Incredible Hercules” #129

An excerpt:

[Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente] continue to deliver excellent characterization set firmly inside the Marvel mythology. And unlike many superhero comics that focus on characterization, Pak and Van Lente don’t skimp on the plot, either. This is a comic about grand adventures and epic battles, and based on the spash page at the end of issue #129, the epic grandeur is just getting started.

Click here to read the whole thing.

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