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Monthly Archives: January 2010

CBR gives “Incredible Hulk” #606 four stars

“Incredible Hulk” #606, written by Greg Pak with pencils by Paul Pelletier, has nabbed a four star review from Doug Zawisza at Comic Book Resources. Here’s an excerpt:

… this is one of the best issues of any “Hulk” title I’ve read in quite some time, thanks in part to the aforementioned visual effects trio and the solid writing of Greg Pak. Pak crams a lot into this book, never once forgetting that this is a title with the word “Hulk” featured prominently. Pak delivers Hulk in action — more than one Hulk, as a matter of fact. Pak gives the reader a Bruce Banner who should be feared for his conniving mind moreso than his alter ego.

Click here to read the whole thing.

Pak Talks Comics: Apple tablet may not ship until June — and I’m happy?

By Greg Pak
As you might have guessed from my voluminous post about comic books and the Apple tablet, I want the iSlate, and I want it now. But recent rumors indicate that although the long-rumored machine will supposedly be announced on January 27, it won’t actually ship until June. And as far as comics go, that might actually be a very good thing.
According to Apple Insider, an analyst named Shawn Wu claims that “checks with supply chain sources” indicate the tablet won’t ship until June. Meanwhile, MacRumors notes that Amazon has tweaked its Kindle royalty program to offer better rates to publishers — with the new deal beginning in June, presumably to compete with the new Apple tablet.
As a reader eager to get my hands on an Apple tablet, June is way too late. But as a creator with an interest in getting as many new readers as possible buying comics for the Apple tablet, an extra few months to prepare may be invaluable.
If we’re lucky, the tablet will be able to display regular ol’ pdfs, which will make it possible to put old content into readers’ hands almost immediately. But the tablet may use different formats — or may introduce a brand new format. My hope is that Apple reveals the formats at or shortly after its January 27 event. And then publishers and individual creators will have plenty of time to prepare their content to take advantage of whatever new features the format will allow.
Even if the tablet uses only preexisting formats, we’ll benefit from having a little more time to prepare our content — at the bare minimum, by adding hyperlinks and supplemental material that will allow readers to immediately access new comics by clicking on links within the comic they’re reading. (See my previous post for a whole lot more on this subject.)
And if we’re extremely lucky, Apple will reveal what online stores will support the new format (an updated iTunes store? Longbox?) so we’ll get a soft launch of the sales tools and can hammer out any kinks before the actual tablet hits.
It’s also possible that a June launch could benefit smaller publishers and creators by giving them more time to work out deals with Apple to get into the stores. As I recall, the first iteration of the iTunes store had only big record labels. It took a while for independents to get access. If we’re lucky, we can avoid that kind of logjam and get comics of all kinds into the Apple store in time for the tablet’s launch.
Finally, the extra time will allow individual creators to continue to build their networks and mailing lists so they’re ready to spread the word about their comics when the tablet finally hits.
Sooo… join my mailing list?

More “Planet Hulk” movie premiere interviews

Paul Nomad has posted his interview of Greg Pak, Matt Striker, Joe Quesada, and Eric Rollman at last week’s “Planet Hulk” movie premiere in New York City. Check it out:

Greg Burgas taps “Incredible Hercules” for CBR “Best of 2009” list

“Incredible Hercules,” written by Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente, has cracked yet another Best of 2009 list. Greg Burgas has picked “Incredible Hercules” as one of the year’s best ongoing series and “Incredible Hercules” #136 as one of the year’s best single issues. Click here for the full scoop.

If you live in Massachusetts, please vote!

A public service announcement from Greg Pak
The special election to fill Edward Kennedy’s Senate seat is down to the wire, and there’s still time to vote. So if you’re registered to vote in Massachusetts, please drop this blog and get to the polls!
Polls are open until 8 pm. Click here to find your polling place.

Heroes4Haiti auctions: Signed “Planet Hulk,” “World War Hulk” and “Incredible Hercules” comics

By Greg Pak
I’ve added three more items to the Heroes4Haiti initiative to sell original art, services, or books via eBay’s charity tools to benefit Haiti relief.
Click here to bid on the entire run of “Planet Hulk” in single issues, signed by writer Greg Pak. Auction also includes key extras such as “Amazing Fantasy” v2 #15 (first appearance of Amadeus Cho) and “What If: Planet Hulk.”
Click here to bid on “World War Hulk” #1, signed by writer Greg Pak, penciller John Romita, Jr., and inker Klaus Janson.
Click here to bid on “Incredible Hulk” #112 and “Incredible Hercules” #113-115, the first story arc of the “Incredible Hercules” saga, all signed by writers Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente and artist Khoi Pham.
And click here to check out the previous listing of “Planet Hulk” concept art by yours truly.
All funds received will go to Doctors Without Borders via the eBay charity system.
Check out the auctions from other creators at — and absolutely feel free to donate directly to Doctors Without Borders if you’re so inclined by clicking the image below.
Support Doctors Without Borders in Haiti

Heroes4Haiti auction: Greg Pak sells “Planet Hulk” concept art to benefit Doctors Without Borders

By Greg Pak
Heroes4Haiti is an initiative organized by Mike Cavallaro to encourage comic book creators to sell original art, services, or books via eBay’s charity tools to benefit Haiti relief.
I’m kicking in with original character design concept art that I created during the “Planet Hulk” run. There are two pieces of art being sold together. The featured characters are Miek and his “Native King” daddy and the “Green King” Hulk. These images were published in the collected edition of “Planet Hulk” — here’s your chance to own the originals! All funds received will go to Doctors Without Borders via the eBay charity system.
Click here to check out the listing — and please spread the word to anyone you think might be interested!
And please note this is just a five day listing — I’m hoping to get the dollars out the door fast. So don’t hesitate — bid today!
Also, feel free to check out the auctions from other creators at
And absolutely feel free to donate directly to Doctors Without Borders if you’re so inclined by clicking the image below.
Support Doctors Without Borders in Haiti

Newsarama interviews Greg Pak at “Planet Hulk” DVD premiere

Lucas Siegel from Newsarama interviews comic book writer Greg Pak at the premiere of the “Planet Hulk” DVD in New York City. Check it out!

Heroes 4 Haiti encourages comic book creators to use eBay to raise relief money

By Greg Pak
Heidi MacDonald has just passed on word about Heroes 4 Haiti, a website organized by artist Mike Cavallaro with a plan for how comic book creators can help raise money for Haiti relief. The idea is for individual creators to create their own eBay auctions using the eBay charity tools to sell art or books. The proceeds will then go directly to Haiti relief. Creators can then post links to their auctions at the Heroes 4 Haiti site.
Sounds like a great idea and I’ll try to contribute shortly.
Click here for more info and to find links to the current Heroes 4 Haiti auctions.
Click here for other ways to donate. interviews Greg Pak at the “Planet Hulk” premiere

The first interview from last night’s “Planet Hulk” premiere in New York has hit the web — click here to hear talk with “Planet Hulk” comic book writer Greg Pak about alien phonetics and comics-to-film adaptations.

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