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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Comics Written by Greg Pak Rio Chino

Sneak preview of Sean Chen “Rio Chino” art from “Outlaw Territory” v2!

By Greg Pak
I’m pleased to announce that I’ve contributed a new “Rio Chino” story to volume 2 of the Western comics anthology book “Outlaw Territory,” edited by Michael Woods. The new story is pencilled by Sean Chen, inked by Sandu Florea, and colored by Chris Sotomayor. “Outlaw Territory” Volume 2 hits stores on October 6 — the Diamond order code is AUG100457.
See below for an exclusive preview page showing off the gorgeous work of Sean, Sandu, and Chris!

Comics Written by Greg Pak Hulk Skaar

Gorgeous tease of “Incredible Hulk” #614 art!

Hey, Hulk and Skaar fans! Here’s a tease of gorgeous Barry Kitson art from “Incredible Hulks” #614, coming your way in October!

Click here for more preview art and the solicit.

Real World News

Donate to Pakistan flood relief, get free signed comic book

By Greg Pak
The Pakistan floods have killed thousands and put millions in danger. According to UNICEF, 3.5 million kids are in desperate need in Pakistan. Meanwhile, donations for Pakistan flood relief have totaled less than a third of what was raised for Haiti – for a crisis with ten times as many victims.
It’s incredibly easy to help. If you have a cellphone, just text “FLOODS” to 864233 to donate $10. The money goes to UNICEF.
As an added incentive, once you’ve donated, just email with your mailing address and I’ll send you a free signed comic book. (You must be 18 or over and I can only ship to the US.)
C’mon, superheroes. Let’s see what you can do.

Amadeus Cho Comics Written by Greg Pak Hercules adds a “Hercules: Chaos War” message board

Hey, Herc fans! has just added a HERCULES: CHAOS WAR message board!
Check it out!
In other Hercules news, don’t miss “Heroic Age: Prince of Power” #4, which hits stores next Wednesday and features the return of someone very, very special. Click here for a preview.
And be sure to ask your local comics retailer to preorder “Chaos War” #1 and #2, coming in October!

Comics Written by Greg Pak FilmHelp FilmHelp: Screenwriting

“What advice would you give to a writer just starting out?”

By Greg Pak
A couple of nights ago, Twitter user @JohnEton asked me “what advice would you give to a writer just starting out?” Since that’s a question that comes up pretty often, I’m re-posting my tweets below for easy reference. Enjoy!

Huge question! Let’s see… first, read read and read.
Read everything, not just comics, not just fiction. History, biography, natural science. Everything can feed your storytelling.
Train yourself to listen to the rhythms of language around you, the nuances of dialogue. The way people don’t say what they mean.
Make it a habit to write every day. Could be note-taking, recording ideas or scraps of dialogue. Eventually should be stories.
Write and write and rewrite. Get feedback, rewrite some more. It’s a long haul – for years, most of us are terrible.
Study the specific genre/format you’re interested in. For screenwriting and comics, read books about the art of dramatic writing.
Yes, write about what you know. But also, write about what you care about. Passion for your story will keep you going.
Finally, listen to the little voice inside. If it’s telling you something needs work, it needs work. Never stop making it better.
And once you have collaborators/editors, listen to them. No matter how successful you are, you still have huge amounts to learn.
I’m learning/striving to be a better writer every single day, and my editors are incredibly valuable guides.

Films Mouse

Greg Pak tells his Texas Filmmakers Production Fund story about “Mouse”

The Austin Film Society has interviewed Greg Pak about the importance of the 1997 grant he received to complete his short film “Mouse” from the Texas Filmmakers Production Fund.
Check it the interview!
And view the film below:

Amadeus Cho Comics Written by Greg Pak Hercules Hulk

Cosmic Book News interviews Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente about “Chaos War”

Cosmic Book News has posted an interview with Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente about their “Chaos War” event book, which begins in October. Here’s an excerpt about the “Incredible Hulks” tie-in to “Chaos War”:

The family of Hulks will be wrapping their own cosmic battle up with Hiro-Kala in “Dark Son” when they find themselves involved in the Chaos War. Will we be seeing a lot of “Hulk Smashing?”
GP: Absolutely. Who better than a family of Hulks to throw at a bunch of insane demons and gods? The Hulks will be fighting the critical second front in the Chaos War against the kind of enemies only the strongest ones there are have a prayer of defeating. Get ready for some mind-bendingly Marvelicious abstract entity exploration as well as a wrenching emotional rollercoaster as the fight gets more personal and brutal than the Hulks ever anticipated.

Amadeus Cho Comics Written by Greg Pak Hercules

Vilcek Foundation interviews Greg Pak and Amadeus Cho

The Vilcek Foundation has interviewed Greg Pak and Amadeus Cho about comics and fighting alongside Greek gods to save the universe.
Check it out!

Comics Written by Greg Pak Hulk Skaar

Rave reviews for “Incredible Hulk” #611

“Incredible Hulk” #611, written by Greg Pak, pencilled by Paul Pelletier, and featuring the much-anticipated showdown between the Hulk and his savage son Skaar, has already nabbed a slew of rave reviews. Here’s a taste:

“Incredible Hulk #611 was about as close to perfect as a Hulk comic can get. It’s got everything I love, great action, powerful emotions and big scope. Pak is quite simply a perfect writer for the Hulk and his work here is nothing short of brilliant on every single page. He and Pelletier make an incredible team that work serious magic.”
Comic Book Revolution
“After two years, I’m ecstatic to have Banner’s King Hulk persona back, one who actually remembers what he lost in his failed quest for vengeance. It makes the rivalry between father and son carry much more meaning than it did during Planet Skaar. But surprisingly, the most emotionally arresting portions of the issue involve Hulk/Banner’s recollections of his father’s abuses. This is hardly a new element of the Hulk mythos, but it’s one Pak mines to excellent effect throughout the script. ”
“The ending was very touching; it was a very satisfying conclusion to the past few years’ worth of Hulk’s stories. Readers on board from the beginning will walk away pleased as events from Planet Hulk, Son of Hulk, and World War Hulk come to a closure not only for us but also the characters we cherish.”
A Comic Book Blog

Calendar Comics Written by Greg Pak Hulk Skaar

2010.08.11 – “Incredible Hulk” #611

“Incredible Hulk” #611 hit comic book stores today. Written by Greg Pak with pencils by Paul Pelletier, the book caps the “World War Hulks” storyline with the long-anticipated showdown between the Incredible Hulk and his savage son Skaar.
Click here for a lettered preview.
Click here for an early review from Cosmic Book News.

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