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Monthly Archives: October 2010

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Inspiration, motivation, and making a fool of yourself

Another transcribed tweet session by Greg Pak
On Saturday I had the great pleasure of receiving the Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival’s Emerging Artist Award and participating in a “Conversation with Greg Pak” event moderated by Loraine Morrill. The conversation and Q&A session were a blast — but afterwards I realized I hadn’t fully answered one of the attendee’s questions, so last night I tried to finish the thoughts on the Twitter.
Read on for the transcript:

Had a fantastic time at the @PAAFF “Conversation with Greg Pak” event last night – thanks to Michael & Joe & Loraine!
But I realized I didn’t completely finish answering one person’s question. She was asking about inspiration/motivation.
I talked about the constant deadlines as a comic book writer being great for discipline. Can’t have the luxury of waiting for inspiration. [Comic book writers] have to learn how to make it happen, no matter what, in order to make those deadlines. Which is actually a great thing. Without deadlines, it’s far too easy to moon around with a creative project indefinitely.
So what I forgot to mention yesterday was that it’s possible to create deadlines for yourself to motivate yourself to finish creative projects. Just a few ways…

  1. Form a group with friends to critique each others’ work. Good kick in the pants to at least complete first drafts of projects.
  2. Find contests to enter. Those contests will have deadlines that you can’t miss. (But always carefully read competition rules/regs. Don’t want to sign away rights without realizing it!)
  3. Take a shot at stuff like Ntn’l Graphic Novel Writing Month or

I haven’t done those myself, but I’ve done the film world equivalent with a 48 hour film at @HamptonsFilm a few years ago.
Finishing projects is absolutely key. And here’s another crazy thought: embrace creative failure and humiliation.
When I was doing improv comedy, I had a friend who said the number one rule was to be completely willing to make a total fool of yourself.
Finishing those early projects is key because they’re going to be flawed and bad and we need to learn by seeing how people react to them.
It’s a cliche, but it’s true – we often learn more from our creative failures than our creative successes.
We might not intellectually know why a creative project succeeds – we just managed to hit the right notes without thinking it all through.
But when I screw something up, boy, do I take the time to think it through and learn from it.
It’s also critical to develop the ability to keep going in the face of creative failure. Most people quit. Sometimes the most talented quit.
The ones who make it have one thing in common – they didn’t quit.
And finally, it’s critical to embrace making a fool of yourself because every awesome creative project initially sounded totally moronic.
Particularly now, it’s breathtakingly/heartbreakingly easy to make anyone’s story sound stupid – in 140 characters or less! 😉
The relevant song for all of this: “They All Laughed.” Here’s part of the Louis Armstrong version.
Which brings me to my recently rediscovered 1980 centaur novella. 😉
Okay, y’all, thanks for putting up with all this yapping. And thanks again to everyone who came to the @PAAFF and @BNWCOMICS events!

Calendar Films Mister Green Vision Machine

2010.10.23 – Greg Pak in Philly! “Mister Green,” comic book signing, “A Conversation with Greg Pak” at the PAAFF

UPDATE: FREE USB drives containing issue #1 of Greg Pak’s “Vision Machine” comic will be given out at the Brave New Worlds signing and “A Conversation with Greg Pak” event!
Filmmaker and comic book writer Greg Pak hits Philadelphia for three big events on Saturday, October 23. Here’s the full, updated schedule!
1:00 to 3:00 pm
The Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival screens Greg Pak’s award-winning short film “Mister Green” at 1 pm in “Shorts Program 2: Visions” at the Asian Arts Initiative, 1219 Vine Street. Click here for full details.
3:30 to 4:30 pm
Greg Pak signs comics at Brave New Worlds, 45 N. 2nd Street.
6:00 to 7:30 pm
The PAAFF awards Pak a special award at a FREE program entitled “A Conversation with Greg Pak” at the Ibrahim Theater at the International House (3701 Chestnut St). Here’s the info from the official website:

PAAFF is excited to present a free special event with Greg Pak, award-winning director of “Robot Stories” and Marvel Comics writer (”Hulk”). Greg will be in attendance for live Q&A and will also be receiving the PAAFF’10 Emerging Voice Award. Moderated by Lorraine Ballard Morrill – Clear Channel Radio

Comics Written by Greg Pak Vision Machine

“Vision Machine” #1 nabs Book of the Week honors from Awesomed by Comics

The Awesomed by Comics podcast has chosen “Vision Machine” #1 as one of its Books of the Week!
Click here to listen to the podcast.
The “Vision Machine” discussion begins around 1:05:40.

Comics Written by Greg Pak Vision Machine

“Vision Machine” #1 now downloadable as a FREE pdf

“Vision Machine” #1, Greg Pak’s latest creator-owned comic book project, has been released via a Creative Commons license and is now available for download in multiple formats! Check it out:
Download it as a PDF from
Read it in a web browser at Comixology – Adobe Flash required
Read it in a web browser at Newsarama – Adobe Flash not required
download the Comixology app and get “Vision Machine for your iPad or iPod.

Comics Written by Greg Pak Vision Machine

“Vision Machine” #1 now online at Comixology!

Greg Pak’s comic book “Vision Machine” #1 can now be read in its entirety FOR FREE at!
Click here to read and rate the book.
And click here for a brand new interview with Pak about “Vision Machine” from Charlie Jane Anders at
Finally, if you’re attending the New York Comic-Con, come to the “Vision Machine” panel on Sunday at 2:30 and get your free USB drive!

Comics Written by Greg Pak Vision Machine

2010.10.10 – “Vision Machine” panel at the NYCC


Writer Greg Pak debuts his latest project, a comic book miniseries called “The Vision Machine,” at the New York Comic-Con on Sunday, October 10. The panel will be moderated by legendary tech journalist Andy Ihnatko and will feature Pak, the Ford Foundation’s Orlando Bagwell, Comixology’s David Steinberger, and “Sita Sings the Blues” director Nina Paley.
And gorgeous Sprout Computers USB drives containing the first issue of “Vision Machine” will be given out for FREE!
From the official NYCC website:

Date: Sunday, October 10
Time: 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm
Location: Room 1A14
Track: NYCC/NYAF Panels
Description: Comic book writer Greg Pak (“Incredible Hulk,” “Chaos War”) unveils his latest project, an original graphic novel pencilled by R.B. Silva entitled “The Vision Machine.” Funded by the Ford Foundation to help envision the changing landscape of independent mediamaking over the next fifty years, “The Vision Machine” tells a mind-bending sci fi story relevant to anyone interested in the insane potential of personal technology, social media, digital distribution, and virtual life — and the massive challenges of privacy, copyright, and surveillance in the digital era. Panelists will discuss the making of the book, the plausibility of the scenarios it presents — AND A FREE COPY OF THE FIRST ISSUE WILL BE DISTRIBUTED TO ALL ATTENDEES!

Click here to read a Comic Book Resources interview with Pak about “Vision Machine.”
Click here to read a six page lettered preview of “Vision Machine” #1.

Comics Written by Greg Pak Vision Machine

“Vision Machine” preview!

At long last, click on the images below for a six page preview of “Vision Machine” #1, which will debut this weekend at the New York Comic-Con. If you’re attending the NYCC, be sure to come to the Vision Machine Panel on Sunday at 2:30 pm in Room 1A14 — where you can get the whole issue for free on an awesome Sprout Computers USB drive!

Calendar Comics Written by Greg Pak Films

2010.10.08 – Greg Pak, David Henry Hwang, and Deanna Fei at St. Johns in Queens

Writers Greg Pak, David Henry Hwang, and Deanna Fei will be on a panel called “Writing about the Asian Body” at St. Johns University in Queens, New York, at 4 pm on Friday, October 8.
Click here for full details.
Free Greg Pak comics will be given out to the first 100 people!

Calendar Films Mister Green

2010.10.09 – “Mister Green” in San Francisco

Greg Pak’s “Mister Green” screens along with the other short films in the Futurestates series in the Moving Image Festival in the Bay Area, 1:30 pm, Saturday, October 9. The screening is FREE!
Click here for details.

Comics Written by Greg Pak Vision Machine

“Vision Machine” cover unveiled!

By Greg Pak
Check out the gorgeous “Vision Machine” #1 cover, pencilled by RB Silva with inks by Jonas Trinidade, colors by Java Tartaglia and typography by Charles Pritchett!
“Vision Machine” #1 will debut at the New York Comic-Con.
Join us for the “Vision Machine” panel at 2:30 pm on Sunday, October 10!

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