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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Calendar Comics Written by Greg Pak

2011.11.04 – Greg Pak at the Friends of the Dallas Public Library fundraiser

By Greg Pak
Hey, Dallas! I’m coming to town for a November 4 benefit dinner for the amazing Friends of the Dallas Public Library. I grew up in Dallas making weekly trips to the public libraries and I’m enormously proud and excited to be part of this event, which will be moderated by the great Robert Wilonsky.
I’ll be talking about that what, why, and how of comic books — and attendees will walk away with a free “Vision Machine” graphic novel.
Please check it out and reserve your seat today!

Comics Written by Greg Pak Dead Man's Run

More raves for “Dead Man’s Run” #0

“Dead Man’s Run” #0, written by Greg Pak with art by Tony Parker, picks up some more rave reviews. Check ’em out, and ask your local retailer to hold a copy for you today! The book hits stores on October 26.

“Supernatural overtones, check. Fascinating, if slightly goofy, high concept? Check. Terrifically fitting, “Twilight Zone”-type ending for this prelude? Check. A killer creative team to propel us along this insane journey? You bet.”
Gary M. Miller, Delusional Honesty
“…it’s clear that Pak and Parker will be bringing us a story with immense depth of character, an incredibly stylized take on the traditional jailbreak narrative and absolutely gorgeous art. All of that combined makes this book one to watch in 2012!”
— Joshua Mocle, Multiversity Comics
“There is so much promise in this issue alone that I cannot contain my excitement for what is to come!”
— Cassandra Rose, Daily Blam
“Dead Man’s Run is setting up to be the ultimate in prison break serialized fiction. Issue 0 builds the Hellish prison as a character in the story like Captain Romero or Sam Tinker. Pak sets the stage of the ongoing series by introducing interesting characters and an intriguing mystery to keep you hooked. Parker’s art is beautiful and highly detailed which gives the story its gravitas and instantly makes the world recognizable. ”
== David Suiter, LA Examiner
“I haven’t been so excited to have a mystery to dissect since first season of Lost.”
Team Hellions
“I think this book is rife with possibilities, and will certainly be plunking down the dough for it.”
The Mean Geek
“Parker’s art, with amazing color from Peter Steigerwald, really jumps off the page. The smoke, the fire, the shadows; Hell has been crisply translated to the page.”
Comic Book Informer
“…one hell of a story.”
Comic Bastards

Comics Written by Greg Pak Dead Man's Run

PDX Comic Geek digs “Dead Man’s Run” #0!

An excerpt:
“..the set up is precise and highly entertaining. Should the premise that is established here continue for an ongoing series this’ll be on my buy list without doubt.”
Read the whole review.
“Dead Man’s Run” #0, written by Greg Pak with art by Tony Parker, hits comic stores on October 26. As your local store to hold a copy for you today!

Comics Written by Greg Pak Dead Man's Run

Lettered preview for “Dead Man’s Run” #0!

First Comics News has posted a lettered preview of “Dead Man’s Run” #0, written by Greg Pak with art by Tony Parker. The book tells the story of a jailbreak from Hell and hits comic book stores on October 26. Ask your local retailer to hold a copy for you today!
Click here to view the preview.

Comics Written by Greg Pak Dead Man's Run

Gale Anne Hurd interviews Greg Pak

Legendary producer Gale Anne Hurd interviews Greg Pak at the New York Comicon. Hurd and Pak are collaborating on “Dead Man’s Run,” a new comic series from Aspen. Here Pak discusses the project — and reveals his origin story.

Comics Written by Greg Pak Vision Machine

Fanboy Planet loves “Vision Machine”

The fine folks at Fanboy Planet podcast reviewed (and loved) “Vision Machine.”
Check it out! (The review begins around the 30:00 mark.)
To download your own FREE copy of “Vision Machine,” visit the official website.

Amadeus Cho Comics Written by Greg Pak Hercules

“Chaos War” #1 and #2 FREE online at!

“Chaos War” #1 and #2, written by Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente with art by Khoi Pham, can now be read for FREE online at!
“Chaos War” is the huge climax to the “Incredible Hercules” epic, starring Hercules and Amadeus Cho, the most incorrigible couple of cut-ups in the Marvel Universe in a gigantic heroes’ journey delving into Marvel’s most insanely cosmic corners.

Astonishing X-Men Comics Written by Greg Pak

A bit more about Greg Pak’s upcoming “Astonishing X-Men” run

Newsarama attended the X-Men panel at the New York Comicon and published a live report — now replayable here. Here’s an excerpt about Greg Pak’s “Astonishing X-Men” run, which begins in November with issue #44:

Pak on Astonishing X-Men: “What is up with that? Storm kissing Cyclops!”
“I love the X-Men,” Pak continued, saying they’re characters that bring a “tear to his eye.”
“This is a book where you are going to see some major emotional repercussions coming off of Schism, Cyclops and Storm in particular,” Pak said, adding that some characters who might not meet up in any other books will be interacting in interesting ways in Astonishing.

Comics Written by Greg Pak Dead Man's Run

Greg Pak and Gale Anne Hurd talk “Dead Man’s Run”

“Dead Man’s Run” #0 debuted this weekend at the New York Comicon. The book will be available in comic book stores everywhere at the end of the month. In the meantime, here are some excerpts from interviews with writer Greg Pak and legendary producer Gale Anne Hurd about the book:

What’s going on in this world that you’ve built with Valhalla? How is it different from our own and how did it get to be the way it is?
“Dead Man’s Run” takes place in our world, with one key difference: when they die, sinners end up in a maximum security prison buried beneath a giant pyramid in the middle of the California desert. No one can tell you if the cause of all of this is scientific or supernatural, but it’s real and it’s here and it’s not going away, so there’s an entire legal and political system set up around this prison, both above and below ground, accompanied by all the idealism and corruption you might expect from any human institution.
Read the whole Greg Pak interview: Greg Pak Sets Out on a “Dead Man’s Run”
“Hell is populated by the worst criminals and mass murders throughout time. So we get to deal with a whole host of villains and this especially interesting female warden,” said Hurd.
Read the whole Gale Anne Hurd interview: Gale Anne Hurd on “Dead Man’s Run,” “Walking Dead”

Calendar Comics Written by Greg Pak Films

2011.10.12 – Greg Pak on the Kyopo Project panel in NYC

UPDATED: Pak will give away free copies of his graphic novel “Vision Machine” at the signing after the event – first come, first served! See you there!
Greg Pak will sit on a panel at the Kyopo Project book release event in New York on October 12. The details:

Celebrate the national book launch of Kyopo, a photographic and textual project on identity and immigration through the lens of the Korean Diaspora.
The Kyopo Project features a series of over 200 standardized full-body portraits of Kyopo (A Korean term for people of Korean descent who reside permanently outside of the Korean Peninsula) from around the word, which are currently on exhibit at The Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery. NY1 News anchor Vivian Lee will moderate a discussion about the Kyopo Project featuring the project’s creator, CYJO, as well as comedian Esther Paik Goodhart, politician and civil activist Kevin Kim, comic book writer Greg Pak and art historian Alexandra Chang. A book signing will be held after the talk.
Date: Wed, Oct 12, 2011, 7 pm
Venue: 92YTribeca MAINSTAGE
Location: 92YTribeca, 200 Hudson Street

Click here for the full details and tickets.

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