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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Astonishing X-Men Comics Written by Greg Pak

“Astonishing X-Men” #44 in stores now – check out the raves!

“Astonishing X-Men” #44, the first installment of a storyline written by yours truly with art by Mike McKone and colors by Rachelle Rosenberg, hit stores on Wednesday. Ask your local comic shop to hold a copy for you — or buy the digital version online now at Comixology!
And check out the reviews:

“…this is the perfect jumping on point. What Pak and McKone present here is a minimal-knowledge-required, action-packed issue that shows all the trademarks of Pak’s best work: high action without sacrificing good characterization.”
— Joey Esposito, IGN
“Pak gets in a fantastic one-two punch by reminding us of how great a character Storm can be before throwing a curve-ball that would make Lucy (the gold standard of football yankers) herself cry tears of prideful joy. Seeing as the man has a knack for turning out consistently entertaining comics that are willing to swing for the bleachers with every crazy idea that comes his way, I for one cannot wait to see what Pak has up his sleeve for this title.”
Dad’s Big Plan
“Astonishing X-Men #44 is the perfect jumping on point for new readers…”
— Peter Lin, Here Be Geeks
“I loved the Whedon/Cassaday run… and came back for Pak and McKone. I’m glad I did. As enjoyable as it is to see the X-Men carve out a sovreign nation, this is harkening back to the Claremont/Byrne era of straight up science fiction fun.”

And a few interviews, including sneak preview images from “Astonishing X-Men” #45:

“There’s a significant emotional story for every character in the book, so I’m doing my best to raise the stakes with every scene,” [Pak] says. “Sometimes the characters are deflecting with humor; other times the drama breaks through in much more searing ways. There’s a moment in issue #45 involving a Spider-Man lunchbox that sort of crept up on me. And there are some key interactions between Cyclops and the guy on the cover of issue #46 that felt pretty great.” interview
“[X-Men editor Nick] Lowe promises “action, drama, romance, a ton of insanity and a conflict that will really make you think” in Pak’s run, and the writer is taking inspiration from his favorite X-Men writers — from Whedon to Chris Claremont to Grant Morrison— who all emphasized character and relationships.”
USA Today interview

Real World News

Help get Yunah Hong’s Anna May Wong documentary on public television!

By Greg Pak
My friend Yunah Hong is two-thirds of the way towards funding the film footage licensing fees necessary to distribute her documentary about Anna May Wong. Check out her Kickstarter pitch below, and feel free to donate if you see fit! Just seven days left!

Comics Written by Greg Pak Real World News

Read about Bill Mantlo’s tragedy; donate to his ongoing care

By Greg Pak
LifeHealthPro’s Bill Coffin has written a tremendously moving article about the great comic book writer Bill Mantlo, who was struck by a hit-and-run driver in 1992 and suffered traumatic brain injury. Please, go read the article, then click the button below to send your donation to Bill’s brother Mike for Bill’s ongoing care.

Bill Mantlo has had a huge influence on me as a writer and reader. His “Micronauts” stories blew my mind as a kid and his “Incredible Hulk” run laid the groundwork for the themes I explored my five-and-a-half year run with the character. In the afterward to “Incredible Hulk” #635, I dedicated my run to Mantlo, and a couple of months ago devoted my Newsarama column to singing his praises and letting folks know how to donate to his ongoing care.
Thank you so much, Bill Coffin and LifeHealthPro, for shining a light on someone who brought so much joy to so many people.
And here’s a note from Bill’s brother Mike, reprinted from that Newsarama column:

First off, I send out a big THANK YOU to everyone that has helped support Bill over these past 19 years (!). Every donation, no matter how big or small, and every card or letter is greatly appreciated. Bill’s condition remains the same (he suffers severe cognitive impairments, anger, and depression), and these factors keep him very much isolated from “the outside world.” Aside from my visits, and the kindness of my beautiful wife and some of the attendants at the nursing home/rehabilitation facility he resides in, his contact with other human beings is virtually non-existent. But the support and encouragement of fans, and industry professionals like yourself, helps to bring a little ray of sunlight into his dark and dreary days. When I (or my wife) engage Bill in conversation, his spirit emerges and is as strong and pure as it ever was! So, once again, I can’t thank ALL of you enough!! I strongly believe in the power of practicing random acts of kindness, and with that belief I hope that ALL of your kindnesses will be returned to you many, many times over!
Cards, letters or donations to Bill Mantlo can be sent to:
Mike Mantlo
26364 East Pintail Road
Long Neck, DE 19966
Please make out any checks to “Michael Mantlo” — Bill’s legal guardian.

Calendar Comics Written by Greg Pak Hulk

2011.11.09 – “Incredible Hulks: Heart of the Monster” trade paperback

Greg Pak’s last Hulk storyline comes out in trade paperback today. Ask your local store to hold a copy for you!

Comics Written by Greg Pak Dead Man's Run

MTV Geek names “Dead Man’s Run” one of the 10 Best Comic Books of October!

MTV Geek’s Alex Zalben has named “Dead Man’s Run” #0, written by Greg Pak with art by Tony Parker, one of the top ten comics of the month. An excerpt:

Leave it to writer Greg Pak to introduce an awesome new world we can’t wait to see more of in any media, whether it’s comics, TV, movies, or video games. The idea? Jailbreak. From Hell. And if that wasn’t awesome enough, the author deftly introduces one of the most bad-ass new characters in any media, and brilliantly sets up the series with a #0 issue that actually feels like a prologue, rather than a repurposed number one.

Click here to read the whole thing.
“Dead Man’s Run” #0 hit comic stores October 26. Ask your local store to hold a copy for you today!

Comics Written by Greg Pak Other Projects

Greg Pak’s Centaur Crossing: All Hail the Public Library!

In his latest column for Newsarama, Greg Pak praises the public libraries he visited as a kid in Dallas and celebrates the children’s literature that blew his mind. If you remember “It’s Like This, Cat” or “Taran Wanderer,” you’re going to love this.
Click here to read the whole thing.
And click here to buy tickets for Pak’s appearance at the Friends of the Dallas Public Library benefit dinner this Friday.

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