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2012.01.25 – “Red Skull Incarnate” paperback

By Greg Pak
The “Red Skull Incarnate” collected trade paperback hits stores this Wednesday, and I really hope you’ll consider picking it up. The book tells the historically accurate story of a boy turning into a monster as Germany’s Weimar Republic collapses and the Nazis rise to power. Artist Mirko Colak, cover artist David Aja, colorist Matt Wilson, letterer Clayton Cowles, and editor Alejandro Arbona poured their hearts into the book and it’s one of my proudest Marvel comics productions.
The collected trade includes extensive footnotes to show historical sources and help interested readers find suggestions for more exploration into the time period.
iFanboy has featured the book in this week’s Don’t Miss Podcast.
Splinter Comics has a great, thoughtful, extensive review (warning: some spoilers!)
Ask your local shop to hold a copy for you today.
Or you can preorder at Amazon.

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