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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Batman/Superman Calendar Comics Written by Greg Pak

2013.09.25 – “Batman/Superman #3.1: Doomsday”


The Doomsday Villains Month book that I wrote and Brett Booth drew hits stores this Wednesday! Check out the lettered preview here and ask your local comics shop to hold a copy for you!

Code Monkey Save World Comics Written by Greg Pak

One more try – let me know how this banner’s working for ya!

Still working on that banner for my Artists Alley table at the New York Comic Con. Let me know how this strikes your fancy!

(Previous versions here and here.)


Code Monkey Save World Comics Written by Greg Pak

Another version of my NYCC banner – please let me know what you think!

Hey, smart people. Here’s another whack at the banner I’m making for my Artists Alley table at the New York Comic Con. Actual physical version will be 24 inches wide, 84 inches tall.

I’ve tweaked from the previous version to move the main characters higher up on the banner (since the bottom half of the banner will be partly obscured by the table and me) and to remove text and basically make it less busy.

Please let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions!

Many thanks!


Code Monkey Save World Comics Written by Greg Pak Question Time

Working on my Artists Alley banner for the NYCC – please let me know what you think!

Hey, smart people. I’m working on a 24″ x 84″ upright banner to put behind my table in the Artists Alley at this year’s New York Comic-Con. And I could use your feedback! Here’s the work-in-progress. Imagine it in living color behind a bearded dude sitting at a table, and let me know what you think!

Many thanks!


Question Time

Got non-spoiler-request questions? I’ll try to answer!

Fighting a cold and about to turn in. But if you have non-spoiler-request questions, I’ll try to answer.

As usual, I’ll just ask everyone to please not pitch projects or stories – I can’t read or respond to those!

Also, life is short, so rudeness, nastiness or personal attacks against anyone automatically get deleted.

Thanks a ton, and fire away!

Comics Written by Greg Pak FilmHelp: Screenwriting Question Time

Building characters

The great comics writer Gail Simone emailed me and a number of other writers yesterday asking if we had one pointer about building characters for a workshop she was about run in Norway. Here’s what I sent her:

I try hard, particularly when introducing a character for the first time, to find that one, small, telling action that defines the character for me. Sometimes it’s big and showy, like the Hulk tearing open his own starship in rage at the beginning of “Planet Hulk.” Sometimes it’s small, like Bruce Wayne just sitting there, quietly watching and waiting while Clark Kent yells at some kids who are bullying another kid in a playground at the beginning of “Batman/Superman.” But in some way that initial action encapsulates the big emotional journey the character’s going to be going on during the course of the story. From that very first moment, the character does something that defines him or her and indicates the conflicts and struggles that he or she will face as a result. Once I figure out this moment, I usually have a pretty good grasp on what I’m doing with a character. If I don’t really nail this moment, then I might be in trouble — I might not have done all the work I need to do to really figure out who this character is, what he or she is trying to do, and what he or she is willing to do to get there.

When I reread that this morning, I found myself nodding and committing to work harder to follow my own advice.

This is why your questions about the process of writing are so interesting and helpful to me — they force me to think about what I do and get better at it.

So thanks, Gail — and thanks, everyone who asks these kinds of questions!

Calendar Comics Written by Greg Pak Eternal Warrior

2013.09.11 – “Eternal Warrior” #1 signing with Greg Pak at Forbidden Planet NYC


The first issue of my new “Eternal Warrior” series for Valiant Comics hits stores this Wednesday, and I’ll be doing a signing in New York City starting at 6:30 pm at Forbidden Planet, 832 Broadway!

Here’s the official solicitation for the issue:

Across ten millennia and a thousand battlefields, Gilad Anni-Padda has traversed the darkest, most mysterious corners of history. But the horror and bloodshed of constant warfare has finally taken its toll on the man myth calls the Eternal Warrior…and he has abdicated his duties as the Fist and the Steel of Earth for a quiet life of seclusion. But when a blood vendetta from the distant past suddenly reappears in the modern day, he must decide if he will return to the ways of war…for the child who betrayed him thousands of years ago…

And here are a few reviews and interviews:

Broken Frontier interview

AM New York interview

Comic Book Bin review

Den of Geek review

Stash My Comics review

See you there!
Code Monkey Save World Comics Written by Greg Pak Los Robos

Recommend a title font for “Los Robos”?


Hey, friends. I’m working on a quick cover for the 10 page “Los Robos” story that I’m about to deliver as a digital bonus to “Code Monkey Save World” backers. And I could use your advice regarding a font for the title! See the cover above. And if you have any ideas for an appropriate font, please let me know!


Comics Written by Greg Pak Red Skull

“Red Skull Incarnate” on sale TODAY ONLY for 99¢ an issue at Comixology!


“Red Skull Incarnate,” a comic book miniseries written by yours truly with art by Mirko Colak, is on sale digitally at Comixology for just 99¢ an issue, today only!

“Red Skull Incarnate” tells the origin story of Marvel’s most evil villain, following an orphan as he struggles to survive and dominate during the fall of the Weimar Republic and the rise of the Nazis. The book’s gorgeous and disturbing covers were drawn by David Aja. Colors are by Matt Wilson and letters by Clayton Cowles. Alejandro Arbona edited.

“Red Skull Incarnate is a thorough psychological portrait that savagely avoids cliche. Pak never makes the easy choices in his storytelling, and each major turning point is delivered in unexpected ways. The ending, which everybody knows is coming, is still surprising, fulfilling, and even more ominous than foreknowledge prepares us for, and the characterization is on another level entirely. Watching Johann transform from an orphan boy into a powerful sociopath is seriously engaging, and Pak performs these feats without making excuses for Johann, and without making him unsympathetic. It might be Pak’s most skillful work to date.”

— John Parker, ComicsAlliance

Code Monkey Save World Comics Written by Greg Pak

First page of “Code Monkey Save World”!


“Code Monkey Save World” #1 is done! Written by yours truly based on the songs of Jonathan Coulton, drawn by Takeshi Miyazawa, colored by Jessica Kholinne, and lettered by Simon Bowland.

And here’s page one for your viewing pleasure!

Openings are always a bit of a bear. You want to introduce your character and the world in that extra special way that just makes it shine. I originally started the script right in the office, with Code Monkey dealing with his boring manager Rob.

But I felt in my gut that we were missing an opportunity, that there was a better way to let us really get under our hero’s skin. So I got on the phone with Jonathan and we talked it through. I’d had a thought of opening with Code Monkey at home, waking up, getting coffee, going to work. And I think Jonathan independently made the same suggestion. It occurred to me that we could show a happier, more optimistic Code Monkey in a graduation picture on his bedstand, which would be a nice way to subtly get a little backstory in there. But we still needed that special something that would encapsulate the terrible drag that is his day-to-day existence. And Jonathan laughed and said he had this goofy idea of Code Monkey in a coffee shop getting his cup and seeing that someone just wrote “Monkey” on it. I couldn’t stop laughing — it was just perfect.

“Code Monkey Save World” #1 will be available to Kickstarter backers in a few weeks, and will go on sale via Comixology to the general public a month after that.

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