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2014.07.02 – ACTION COMICS #33 and BATMAN/SUPERMAN #12 hit stores!

This Wednesday, both ACTION COMICS #33 and BATMAN/SUPERMAN #12 hit comic book stores and Comixology!


ACTION COMICS #33 is the next big installment of the SUPERMAN: DOOMED storyline — and features our hero leaving Planet Earth after being taken over by the Doomsday virus. It’s drawn by the brilliant Aaron Kuder with colors by Wil Quintana. Check out the huge seven page preview here at CBR!


BATMAN/SUPERMAN #12 tells the story of our heroes’ insane trip across dimensions and time to try to save their counterparts on Earth 2 from the Darkseid invasion. Art by Tom Raney and Ken Lashley. Check out the preview at Man Cave Daily!

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