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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Comics Written by Greg Pak Real World News

Give to Stan Sakai, get free Code Monkey stickers and signed bookplate


Hey, friends. I recently had bookplate stickers made (thanks to everyone who chimed in with design advice!) and I figured it’s time to start giving some away. So here’s the deal…

Stan Sakai, the brilliant creator of the USAGI YOJIMBO comic book series, has had a heartbreakingly difficult winter, which you can read about here. His family is currently dealing with medical bills for his wife Sharon’s cancer treatment. The Cartoon Art Professional Society is collecting donations via Paypal here.

If you donate to Stan, I will send you a signed bookplate and a sheet of Code Monkey stickers. Here’s a direct link to the Paypal donation form:

After you make your donation, just email me at vm at pakbuzz dot com with your mailing address and I’ll send you the bookplate and stickers. Please note that you can donate ANY AMOUNT and I’ll hook you up with the bookplate and stickers.

We’re working on the honor system here, so be cool, which I know you are.

Thanks so much for considering helping out Stan Sakai, and please feel free to spread the word.

Comics Written by Greg Pak Turok

Retailers! TONIGHT is final order cut-off for TUROK #1!

Hey, comic book retailer friends! Please take note – TONIGHT is final order cut-off for my newest book, TUROK DINOSAUR HUNTER, written by yours truly with gorgeous art from Mirko Colak. The book is a revival of the classic Gold Key character and is published by Dynamite Comics.

I’m super proud of the book and hope you’ll considering ordering big. The huge incentive: Dynamite is offering FULL RETURNABILITY on issue #1! So go big!

Below is a bit more about the book, and check out all the preview pages!

Turok-01-00Cov-Lee1 turok-01-00Cov-Sears1 turok-01-01 turok-01-02 turok-01-03 turok-01-10 turok-01-15 Turok-01-16-17

From the ComicVine interview:

This is a story about a Native American fighting dinosaurs. THAT IS ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW.

I’m not even really kidding, here. This is great high adventure, alternate history stuff. We’re doing some really fun worldbuilding that should appeal to anyone who gets a kick out of historical fiction in particular. But the core of the story is about a young man grappling with a life-and-death struggle that threatens his entire world. WITH DINOSAURS.

From the CBR interview:

“First off, ‘Native American fighting dinosaurs’ is one of the greatest four-word pitches in the world!” Pak told CBR about what it was that attracted him to launching “Turok: Dinosaur Hunter” for Dynamite. “It’s so evocative and so much fun, and it asks so many questions in that one phrase!”

From the Comicsbeat interview:

…we’ve got a new angle on Turok, entering his story at an earlier stage than most previous tales. He’s a young man, an exile from his tribe struggling to survive in a brutal world. So even before the dinosaurs hit, he’s had to learn how to survive by the skin of his teeth. But does that set him up to be his people’s savior — or the ultimate predator?

Action Comics Batman/Superman Comics Written by Greg Pak

2013.01.08 – “Action Comics” #27 and “Batman/Superman” #7 out today!

Hey, friends. Get to your local comics shop or make with the clicking, ’cause “Action Comics” #27 and “Batman/Superman” #7 both hit stores today!


“Action Comics” #27 continues the story of Superman’s encounter with the monster child Baka and the mysterious Subterraneans. Lana Lang and the Ghost Soldier continue to play huge roles as well. Art by Aaron Kuder, with assistance from RB Silva and Mike Hawthorne. Check out the preview here and buy it digitally at Comixology here!

And here’s an early rave review from Too Dangerous For a Girl that says, “Pak writes the warmest, smartest Superman we’ve seen since the 2011 reboot, an appealing combination of open-hearted country boy, investigative reporter and straight-up superhero.”

Aaaand here’s an interview with me about the book at the 13th Dimension!


“Batman/Superman” #7, drawn by Brett Booth, is the climax of the Toymaster/Mongul storyarc. The over-the-top action continues apace, but I’m really happy with the emotion in this one. Dontcha dare miss it! Preview herebuy it at Comixology here.

Comics Written by Greg Pak

Feedback on this bookplate design?

UPDATE: Based on awesome advice from Alex De Campi on Twitter, I turned the black ink red. Here’s the latest:


Hey, friends. I’m making a bookplate sticker that I can sign and mail to readers. And here’s the latest design. I’ve gone with a sketchy, handmade feel. With this version, I’ve added a parchment-like background.

I’m pretty pleased with it and close to placing the order, but this being the internet, I figured I’d toss it out there and see if y’all had any thoughts/comments. Thanks much!


Action Comics Calendar Comics Written by Greg Pak

2014.01.08 – “Action Comics” #27 – check out the preview!

“Action Comics” #27 hits stores on Wednesday — please ask your local retailer to hold you a copy or buy it digitally via Comixology!

There’s a four page preview up at Hero Complex with beautiful art by Aaron Kuder, RB Silva, and Mike Hawthorne and words by yours truly.

Read on for a couple of pages below!

action-comics-276 action-comics-271

Comics Written by Greg Pak

Thinking about making bookplates – wanna give me your 2¢ about a possible design?

For a few months I’ve been thinking about having some stickers printed up that I can mail out to people as signed bookplates. It’s a nifty thing that people like Ursula K. LeGuin and Eric Carle have done over the years, and it looks like fun.

So I’ve been thinking over designs and I’ve come to the conclusion that a very simple, hand-made feel might be the best. Below is the design I’m mulling over. It would be printed as a 4″x6″ sticker, and signed by yours truly. The idea is that there’s enough room in there for a little personalization or even possibly a sketch.

If you have any thoughts, I’d love to hear ’em!



Pretty Achievable New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Drink more water.
  2. Buy more apples.
  3. Get a postage scale.
  4. Try not to forget to eat lunch.
  5. Care less about dumb stuff.
  6. Care more about important stuff.
  7. Don’t spend three months nurturing a tiny bit of subconscious anxiety about that redeye flight I just booked.
  8. Plug good work by friends and strangers at every opportunity.
  9. Always say please and thank you.

Number 5 is probably the toughest.

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