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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Calendar Comics Written by Greg Pak Eternal Warrior

2014.03.26 – “Eternal Warrior” #7 out today!

The latest and greatest issue of “Eternal Warrior” hits stores today, and I hope you’ll consider picking it up. Without any exaggeration, I think this might be one of the best things I’ve written in a while, and Robert Gill’s pencils, Guy Major’s colors, and Dave Sharpe’s letters are just stunning.

The story’s about an immortal warrior who’s become the quiet protecter of a small farming community in a near-idyllic post-disaster world. But humanity has a way of repeating its mistakes, and soon our hero and his wide-eyed granddaughter Caroline must enter a new world of growing technological wonder and terror.

I’ve been playing with pace in this story, really taking all the time I can to establish the world and the quiet relationships and little moments that drive the big emotional story. There’s a moment in issue #6 that’s a splash page showing nothing but a child’s face, and I think it’s one of the best things I’ve written all year.

If you’ve enjoyed my other work, I hope you’ll give this book a shot. The current storyline began with issue #5, and issue #7 hits stores today.

If you read your comics digitally, you can grab everything at Comixology.

And read on for a preview of issue #7.


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Calendar Comics Written by Greg Pak Eternal Warrior

2014.03.26 – “Eternal Warrior” #7 preview!


“Eternal Warrior” #7, written by yours truly with art by the amazing Robert Gill and colors by Guy Major, hits stores on Wednesday, March 26 — and you can check out a colored, lettered preview right here!

The story is set two thousand years in the future and features a weary immortal picking up the sword one last time to try to save his granddaughter in a post-disaster world.

I’m really proud of the book — it’s got huge action, as you might expect from a Eternal Warrior story, but we’re doing our best to run the entire tale through with gentle humor and deep emotion. Please do consider grabbing it — the story arc started with issue #5.

Comics Written by Greg Pak

“Make Comics Like the Pros” how-to book coming in September from Pak, Van Lente and Coover!


Yes, it’s true: Fred Van Lente and I have written a book called Make Comics Like the Pros, with amazing art from the great Eisner-award-winning Colleen Coover!

Make Comics Like the Pros provides incredibly practical pointers about the collaborative art of making comics at every stage, from pitching to writing to production to promotion and distribution. As a special feature, Fred and I wrote an original comic that Colleen illustrated — and we go over every stage in the creation of that piece within the book!

You can pre-order the book even as we speak at Amazon. It hits stores in September.

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