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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Action Comics Batman/Superman Calendar Comics Written by Greg Pak Films Happy Fun Room

2014.10.04 – Greg Pak hits Washington, DC – signing at Fantom Comics, screening at DC APA Film Festival!

Hey, friends. I’m making a last minute trip to Washington, DC, this Saturday, October 4 for two big events! Hope to see you there!

2:30 – 4:oo pm – Signing at Fantom Comics, 2010 P Street NW, 202-241-6498. “Action Comics” #35 and “Batman/Superman” #14 are out this week. And yes, I’ll bring some copies of “Code Monkey Save World”!

7:00 pm – Screening of my short film “Happy Fun Room” in the “All in the Family” shorts program of the DC APA Film Festival at the Burke Theater at the US Navy Museum. Click here to buy your tickets!

Calendar Films Happy Fun Room

2014.09.28 – “Happy Fun Room” screens tonight at the New York Film Festival!


My short film “Happy Fun Room” screens TONIGHT at the New York Film Festival as part of the interactive Futurestates screening.

The show starts at 6 pm at the Howard Gilman Theater — check out the details here.

Action Comics Batman/Superman Calendar Comics Written by Greg Pak Storm

2014.09.24 – SUPERMAN DOOMED #2 and STORM #3 in stores today


Pretty thrilled to have two big books in comic book shops today:

SUPERMAN DOOMED #2 is the enormous conclusion to the six month long DOOMED storyline that’s run through the Superman books. Charles Soule and I co-wrote, with tremendous art from a slew of great artists, including Ken Lashley, Cory Smith, and many, many more.

Superman’s given in to the Doomsday virus, going full-monster in order to take on Brainiac, with the lives of everyone on Earth at stake. And yes, the last two pages might break your brain.

Check out Comicosity’s 8/10 review:

Soule and Pak seamlessly scribe a narrative that is both big on action and thought-provoking about the nature of solving the problem of world-dominating alien invaders. In one particular scene, Lois asks Superman how he can reward Brainiac by allowing him to live. The response is brilliant, and so right for Superman. So right.

— Matt Santori-Griffith, Comicosity


STORM #3 follows Ororo Munroe back to the village in Kenya where she pretended to be a goddess as a child. Now she faces new challenges as an adult — with her former flame Forge on hand to complicate matters.

Have I mentioned that I love Greg Pak? Because I love Greg Pak. And I really love “Storm”. In just two issues, Pak and Victor Ibanez have dove feet first into exploring the long history of this wonderful character full of personal contradictions (an orphan and a pick-pocket and a weather witch and a goddess and a punk and a leader and a mother) and bringing all of these aspects together to create a portrait of one of the most interesting characters in Marvel’s history. Why aren’t you reading this book?

— Alice, Multiversity Comics

Hope ya dig!

Books Written by Greg Pak Comics Written by Greg Pak Make Comics Like the Pros



MAKE COMICS LIKE THE PROS, the how-to book Fred Van Lente and I wrote with art by Colleen Coover, hit stores last week. And I’m just gonna say it, y’all — I’m super proud of the book and hope you buy it. We did our darnedest to write an incredibly practical, straight-forward, no-malarkey book about the actual experience of making comics that would be helpful for everyone from total beginners to fellow pros honing their craft. We learned a heck of a lot ourselves while writing the book, interviewing hugely smart people like Kelly Sue DeConnick, Klaus Janson, Gabriel Hardman, and Brian Clevinger. Here’s hoping it’ll be fun and helpful for you, too!

For more about the book, check out the podcast we did with the Comics Experience guys.

And here are a few review excerpts:

“‘Make Comics Like the Pros,’ of all the How To books I’ve reviewed in recent memory, is the best. If you can read only one, make it this one.” — Augie DeBlieck, Jr., Comic Book Resources

“If you are interested in writing comics or just would like to gain a better insight into the creative process that goes into making your favorite titles, then you should definitely check this book out. Highly recommended. A+” — Josh Begley, Fandom Post

“…truly invaluable for anyone interested in breaking into the comics industry.” — Henry Chamberlain, Comics Grinder

“‘Make Comics Like the Pros’ is the book that seems like the one most up and coming creators actually need. It’s an incredibly fair and impartial read with useful insight from pros done in a way that explains all the basics and leaves the rest up to you.” — Matthew Meylikhov, Multiversity Comics

Ask your local comics shop to hold you a copy!

Or you can buy the book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or digitally via iBooks.

Batman/Superman Calendar Comics Written by Greg Pak

2014.09.17 – BATMAN/SUPERMAN FUTURE’S END in stores!

BATMAN/SUPERMAN FUTURE’S END #1, written by yours truly with art by Cliff Richards, Jack Herbert, and Vicente Cifuentes, hit stores yesterday with a dark tale set in the near future, showing an injured Batman searching for a missing Superman in a post-war world.

Check out the lettered preview here at CBR.

Ask your local retailer to hold a copy for you.

Buy it digitally at Comixology.

Check out the 8.5 review from Unleash the Fanboy, which calls the book “a deep look into the breakdown in partnership between the Word’s Finest, with Greg Pak delivering a powerful script that comes highly recommended.”

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