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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Comics Written by Greg Pak Eternal Warrior

Greg Pak’s “Eternal Warrior” run on sale cheap at Comixology!


Just noticed that Comixology is running a Valiant sale that includes both volumes of my “Eternal Warrior” book! You can get each volume for a ridiculously low price — $3.99 for the first volume and $4.99 for the second. Check out all the Valiant books on sale here! 

And I’m just gonna say it: the second volume, featuring the “Eternal Emperor” post-disaster story set in the future that I did with artist Robert Gill, is one of my favorites of all the things I’ve written in the past few years. Loved every minute of working on this story arc. We got to tell a mind-bending story set 2000 years in the future that introduces a whole new world along with a brand new character, Gilad’s granddaughter. Robert’s art is just amazing — it thrilled me and it even broke my heart a little in just the right places.

Hope you’ll consider checking it out!

Comics Written by Greg Pak Storm

Digital download of “Storm” #1 for FREE until December 1!


Earlier this week, a few amazing writers and bloggers started the #SaveStorm hashtag on Twitter to spread the word about the “Storm” series I’m writing for Marvel.

And yesterday Marvel responded with a very special giveaway! Until December 1, you can download the first issue of “Storm” for FREE via the Marvel app and on Comixology! See the image above for all the details — and enjoy!

Get “Storm” #1 for free at Comixology here – use promo code STORMCHASERS upon checkout!

And check out the interview I did with Vixen Varsity about the book and the #SaveStorm campaign!


Interview with the great Paul Tobin about co-writing “Turok: Dinosaur Hunter”


By Greg Pak

When my schedule got tight and editor Nate Cosby and I started thinking about who might be a good match to pull in as a co-writer for issues #9 to #12 of “Turok: Dinosaur Hunter,” Paul Tobin was the first person who came to mind. I just knew he’d go to town with a story about a dinosaur-hunting Native American co-opting the legend of Robin Hood in 13th Century England. So I was beyond thrilled when he agreed to jump on board.

Here’s an interview with Paul, wherein he tells you about the book and what you can expect to see in “Turok” #10, which hit stores today! And to further whet your appetite, check out the preview here!

GREG PAK: Yo Paul! So happy to be working with you on this book! Can you tell us a bit about what hooked you and why you said yes?

PAUL TOBIN: First, it was a chance to work with you, Greg! I felt like the last of our little group to work with you. Fred van Lente had his years of fun. And my wife, Colleen Coover, teamed up with you, but there I was sitting like some wallflower at the edge of the dancefloor. Really, it’s not often that two writers get a chance to teamup, so… yeah, I jumped. And of course it had something to do with immediately seeing an opportunity to have a t-rex fight a kraken, and that’s very important to me.

The infamous "mumbling a sparrow" scene from "Turok" #10.
The infamous “mumbling a sparrow” scene from “Turok” #10.

GREG: You brought some tremendous details from 13th Century England to the story — like that crazy bird-vs-man’s-teeth-at-ye-olde-faire scene. What kind of research did you do for that — and how much did you just make up?

PAUL: The “bird vs man’s teeth” scene is something that used to be an actual event at country fairs (and so on) during the middle ages. It’s called “mumbling a sparrow.” It’s horrible, and went the way of bear-baiting and other “sports.” As far as research, I love researching, and a lot of it was already in my head, because period research is a big part of a series of novels I’m working on, novels that span the 10th century to the present day. Researching the old-timey days is interesting, because there’s a constant flood of finding out that people were primarily the same, but in a world that was much different.

GREG: Let’s talk a bit about our co-writing process. And to be totally clear, I’d like everyone to know that Paul’s the real hero of the book. I gave him broad-strokes outlines of the set up for the story and where I thought everything was going. And he figured out everything else and wrote four amazing scripts. And I came in at the end and helped massage dialogue. So for me, it was pretty painless and awesome! 😉

PAUL: Heck… you basically just described it all. It’s like we co-wrote the answer to this question. So, yeah… you gave me the basic premise, and then mostly stayed out of my way so that I could do the things I do. I built up the broad strokes of where I wanted to go, and the steps of how I wanted to get there, and then I developed a lot of the relationships, the characters, how I saw them… how they began real people in my eyes and their personality traits that I wanted to present. I basically consider myself a character writer, so that’s a stress point for me. And then I also wanted to make sure that the character of 13th century England, but a 13th century England that was rife with both wild dinosaurs and also “beast of burden” dinosaurs, was a primary stress point.

GREG: How’d the process work from your point of view, Paul? And what kind of strategies do you draw on for co-writing?

PAUL: I’m not sure I have any strategies for co-writing. I don’t do it very much, for one thing. I’ve co-written with you, with Colleen, and with Jeff Parker. It was different every time, because the three of you are different. Colleen mostly stayed entirely out of my way and then nudged things here and there. You were at the beginning and the end, and then left me alone in your sandbox during the middle stages. And Parker and I basically stood at opposite corners of the room and tossed knives at each other. The end result worked in all three cases, so I guess I don’t have a method. Just a result.

A scene from "Turok" #9, the first issue co-written by Greg and Paul.
A scene from “Turok” #9, the first issue co-written by Greg and Paul.

GREG: Which of the characters did you have the most fun writing? Who was the toughest?

PAUL: Turok was a lot of fun, because he has this nobility of character that’s fun to bend. And Tom is the same way, except his entire belief system is being challenged, and it’s taking him out of his comfort zone and making him into a bit of a simpleton, so he’s not exactly stupid, just… lost. That’s fun. And both Marion and Kita are great because they have such power to their personality. Andar was probably the toughest for me. He has a lot of anger to him, and that’s a tough emotion to sustain without softening or going overboard. He’s as lost as Tom, in some ways.

GREG: I think you and I share a real love for almost absurd genre excess in comics. What are your strategies for making those big ideas and crazy hijinks come together into a coherent story?

PAUL: Consistency is a big thing for me. Anomalies don’t work. I just recently finished reading a novel that ended with a naughty scene, and it was the only naughty scene in the entire book, so to end with an entirely new mood was a definite stumble on the author’s part. There needs to be an emotional and thematic thread that goes throughout a piece of writing. “Big” and “crazy” both need grounding. A story is just the same as a character: if a reader sees a character that acts inconsistently, it’s easy to tell, and it’s the same for story flow.

Stegosaurus jousting, as drawn by Stephen Downey for "Turok" #10.
Stegosaurus jousting, as drawn by Stephen Downey for “Turok” #10.

GREG: Tell the folks a bit about our awesome artists, Stephen Downey, Felipe Cunha, and Lee Ferguson. What’s one scene in particular that folks should watch out for?

PAUL: I really enjoyed the overall scene of the country fair, because we get to see pterodactyls, and there’s stegosaurus jousting. Really… if you don’t like seeing armored knights jousting atop dinosaurs, you ain’t coming to any of my parties.

GREG: What else are you working on? PLUG AWAY, MY FRIEND!

PAUL: Let’s see, Colleen Coover and I are doing our Eisner-award-winning Bandette until our sun goes super-nova. And Juan Ferreyra and I are finishing up our Prometheus sci-fi epic, and at the same time continuing our Eisner-nominated horror series, Colder. I’m also writing another book for Dynamite, a fun Jungle Jim title. I’m doing more Angry Birds, and more Plants Vs. Zombies is likely on the horizon. I’ve got another Witcher title in the works. And there are two more sci-fi series that should be announced soon, and then three more creator titles soon after that. In addition, about half my time is spent on novels, now. I have a middle-readers series starting early in 2016, and another announcement in the field of prose should go live hopefully in the spring, so, all in all… I keep my keyboard burning!

Ask your local retailer to hold “Turok: Dinosaur Hunter” #10 for you — or buy it digitally at Comixology!

Comics Written by Greg Pak Doctor Strange

“Dr. Strange Season One” just $3.99 at Comixology today!


Just noticed that “Doctor Strange Season One,” the original graphic novel about Strange’s and Wong’s early days, is 80 percent off in digital form at Comixology today! Pick it up this $19.99 book for just $3.99 right here!

I won’t lie — I kind of love this book. I had a huge amount of fun writing it and Emma Rios (whom you might know from “Pretty Deadly”) drew the heck out of it, with colors by the great Jordie Bellaire. It’s completely accessible to brand new readers, so if you’re curious about who this Dr. Strange guy is anyway, this is your book. At the same time, we do some fun things with Strange’s origin story that long-time readers should get a kick out of — including giving Wong a lot more agency and sexiness.

Here’s the official blurb:

A window-crashing, high-flying, globe-traveling, ghost-battling adventure from the earliest days of Doctor Strange’s training in the mystic arts! Part Indiana Jones, part Lord of the Rings, thrill to this new tale of how a selfish, arrogant surgeon collided with a hot-headed martial artist to become the greatest team the mystic arts have ever seen!

Batman/Superman Calendar Comics Written by Greg Pak Storm

2014.11.19 – “Batman/Superman” #16 and “Storm” #5 in stores today!

I’ve got two big books in stores today! Call your local store and ask them to hold you a copy or buy ’em digitally at Comixology!



“Batman/Superman” #16, drawn by Ardian Syaf, starts a brand new storyline that asks “Who is Superman’s Joker?” Pretty darn excited about this. Ardian’s our new ongoing artist, and he’s amazing — combining some of that fine detail of Jim Lee with the expressive character work of a Kubert. Inks by Sandra Hope Archer and David Meikis, colors by Ulises Arreola, letters by Rob Leigh, and editing by Eddie Berganza. Check out the preview here!


“Storm” #5 features our hero cutting loose in the death fields of the Four Clans — possibly risking her own soul while finishing her dead lover Wolverine’s dangerous business. Art by the always stunning Victor Ibañez, inks by Victor and Craig Yeung, colors by Ruth Redmond, letters by Joe Sabino, and editing by Daniel Ketchum. Check out the preview here.

Hope you enjoy!

Books Written by Greg Pak Calendar Comics Written by Greg Pak Make Comics Like the Pros

2014.11.14 – Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente sign “Make Comics Like the Pros” at Midtown Comics Downtown, NYC


Fred Van Lente and I are signing our new how-to book, “Make Comics Like the Pros,” this Friday at Midtown Comics Downtown in NYC!

Friday, November 14
6:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Midtown Comics Downtown
64 Fulton St, New York, New York 10038
(212) 302-8192

Come see, come see!

And like or comment on this Facebook post for a chance to get a seat at the special Q&A after the signing! Fred and I will both have nifty freebies for Q&A attendees!

Calendar Comics Written by Greg Pak

2014.11.08 – Greg Pak signs comics at Alternate Universe in New Haven, CT


Hey, Connecticut! I’m signing comics at the Alternate Universe comic book shop in New Haven this Saturday starting at 12 noon!

The signing coincides with Alternate Universe’s 25 percent off holiday sale. So dontcha dare miss it!

Greg Pak Signing!

Saturday, November 8, 12 noon

Alternate Universe

1181 Chapel Street, New Haven, CT


Action Comics Calendar Comics Written by Greg Pak Turok

2014.11.05 – “Action Comics” #36 and “Turok” #9 in stores today!


Two big books out today, friends!

“Action Comics” #36, written by yours truly with art by Aaron Kuder and colors by Wil Quintana, launches the gloriously creepy new “Horrorville” storyline. Ever wonder how horror would work in a Superman story? Here’s your answer! Check out the lettered preview at the Onion’s AV Club.

“Turok: Dinosaur Hunter” #9, co-written by Paul Tobin and me, also launches a new story. Our Native American hero heads to England, where King John reveals his true face! Art by Lee Ferguson, Ruairi Coleman, and Stephen Downey. Check out the preview at

As always, ask your local comics shop to hold copies for you. Or if you buy digitally, visit Comixology today!

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