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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Batman/Superman Calendar Comics Written by Greg Pak

2015.04.01 – BATMAN/SUPERMAN ANNUAL #2 in stores!


“Batman/Superman Annual” #2, written by yours truly with art by a slew of amazing folks, including Tyler Kirkham and Ardian Syaf, hits stores this Wednesday! Check out the lettered preview here.

Books Written by Greg Pak Princess Who Saved Herself

“The Princess Who Saved Herself” children’s book Kickstarter enters its second and final week!

Last Wednesday, Jonathan Coulton and I launched a Kickstarter to print hardcovers of The Princess Who Saved Herself, a children’s book based on Jonathan’s classic song.

The book tells the story of Gloria Cheng Epstein Takahara de la Garza Champion, an awesome princess who lives with her pet snake and plays rock ‘n’ roll all day to the huge annoyance of the classical guitarist witch who lives down the road. Hijinks, conflicts, and a fun reconciliation ensue, all showcasing determination, bravery, and understanding. The gorgeous art is by Takeshi Miyazawa and colorist Jessica Kholinne and the letters by Simon Bowland.


Our backers have blown our minds, hitting our first funding goal within six hours on the first day. They then hit our $50,000 stretch goal, which will allow us to make a digital Princess Who Saved Herself Activity Book, full of fun mazes, word searches, images for coloring, and drawing and storytelling projects, which will be delivered as a PDF to all backers.


Now we’re working towards our $70,000 stretch goal, which will unlock a digital Princess Who Saved Herself script book, which will contain multiple outlines and script drafts and provide “Making Of” commentary by yours truly showing how we put the book together.

Finally, we’ve also launched a Teespring T-shirt campaign so folks can get the PWSH tees they never knew they needed!


The Kickstarter ends around 10 am ET on Wednesday, March 25. Please do check it out, and feel free to spread the word, if you’re so inclined!

I hope you’ll get a kick out of it and thank you for your consideration.

Action Comics Comics Written by Greg Pak

“Action Comics” #40 may be the best reviewed comic book of my career


“Action Comics” #40, written by yours truly with art by Aaron Kuder, is a big, crazy one-shot Bizarro story that we had an insane amount of fun working on. And it’s been ridiculously gratifying to see how well the book’s been received. According to ComicBookRoundup, it’s nabbed seven (!) perfect scores, and is almost certainly the best reviewed book of my comics career.

Just a few excerpts:

“The best part of all this foolishness is Greg Pak’s palpable exuberance, and Aaron Kuder’s astonishing artwork. Everything in this book is a testament to Kuder’s commitment to the comics artform, a soppy valentine dreamily espousing his passion for the craft with every breathless splash page, one after the other. If I enjoy another comic book this year as much as I enjoyed Action Comics #40, I will be happily surprised. Essential reading.” — Jarrod Jones, DoomRocket

“Action Comics #40 is an inspired bit of lunacy and the perfect coda on which to take the two month Convergence break. It will make you laugh, cry tears of joy, and be glad for stories like this. It’s also a good invitation for the upcoming Bizarro series, which I hope will match this comic in side splitting hilarity.” — Daniel Kalban, Word of the Nerd

“And that’s what Action Comics #40 is destined to be, that comic that you just can’t put down. It’s the one you give your kid so that she’ll secretly stay up hours past bedtime with a flashlight under the covers, imagining what it would be like to live in a world where up is down, and the moon really is made of cheese. Pak and Kuder have captured something incredible here, that blends what was so great about this concept in the first place, without losing sight of their own accomplishments with Superman over the past two years.” — Matt Santori-Griffith, Comicosity

I’m hugely grateful for all the kind words, and of course give huge credit to artist Aaron Kuder, who came up with most of the inspired visual gags in the book; colorist Wil Quintana, who delivered a gorgeous palette; and editor Eddie Berganza, who supported us every step of the way and totally got the crazy vibe we were going for.

The whole thing also makes me feel warm and fuzzy about this new golden age of comics I think we’re stepping into. Readers are ready for anything these days, and publishers are coming through with a fantastic variety of books. Keep buying the books you love, folks, and we’ll keep making ’em!

Also, I’d like to plug Heath Corson’s and Gustavo Duarte’s “Bizarro” series that launches in June. If you dig the character and want to see more fun books like this, preorder it today with your local comics shop!

Concept art for the new BIZARRO series coming in June!
Concept art for the new BIZARRO series coming in June!
Calendar Comics Written by Greg Pak

2015.03.25 – Greg Pak to speak at the CIR’s “TechRaking London: Changing the News” event

UPDATE: I’m also planning to attend the Comica Social Club event around 8 pm Wednesday night – hope to see you there!

I’ll be attending and speaking at an all-day event organized by the Center for Investigative Reporting next week in London called “TechRaking London: Changing the News.” And it’s free!

From the registration site:

Join us in London for a day dedicated to a truly global challenge: What makes climate change so daunting? Is it the complexity of the problem that leads to confusion and resignation? Is the conversation worn out before people are mobilized around the key challenges? How can journalists create coverage about an issue so vast in scale and scope that ultimately engages communities around the world?

Teams will work to design a solution to this TechRaking challenge: Design a product or service that catalyzes audiences to untangle the issues knotted in climate change while revealing the scale of the issue in a new and surprising context.

Click here to read more and register.

Learn more at the official event site.

Batman/Superman Calendar Comics Written by Greg Pak Storm

2015.03.18 – “Batman/Superman” #20 and “Storm” #9


I’ve got two books coming out on Wednesday — “Batman/Superman” #20 and “Storm” #9. Ask your local comics shop to hold copies for you — or buy them digitally at Comixology!

Check out a preview of “Batman/Superman” #20 at CBR. 

Check out the “Storm” #9 preview at ComicVine.

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