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Monthly Archives: September 2015

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2015.10.08 – 10.11 – Greg Pak at the New York Comic Con!

Yep, I’m going to be at the New York Comic Con half of the day on Thursday and all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! See below for my schedule — and see you soon!

An extra special bonus is that I’ll be in Artists Alley, table W17, between my frequent artist collaborators Mirko Colak (KINGSWAY WEST, TUROK, and RED SKULL INCARNATE) and Aaron Kuder (ACTION COMICS)! Come see us all!

And yes, I’ll have copies of THE PRINCESS WHO SAVED HERSELF and CODE MONKEY SAVE WORLD for sale.


10 am – 12 noon – Artists Alley table W17

12:15 – 1:15 pm – Dark Horse Creators: Crafting the Original Story – 1A18


10:45 am – 12 noon – Artists Alley table W17

1:45 – 2:45 pm – MARVEL: Iron Man and the Avengers – 1A06

3:00 – 4:00 pm – Asian American Comics and Creators – 1A05

4:30 – 8:00 pm – Artists Alley table W17


10 am – 12 noon – Artists Alley table W17

12:15 – 1:15 – DC Comics – Heroes to the Core – 1A06

2:00 – 8:00 pm – Artists Alley table W17


10:00 am – 5:00 pm – Artists Alley table W17

Books Written by Greg Pak Calendar Comics Written by Greg Pak Princess Who Saved Herself

2015.09.21 – Greg Pak signing today in San Francisco at Mission Comics!

I’m signing today from 6-8 pm at Mission: Comics and Art in San Francisco! Come see, come see!

You can RSVP on Facebook here.

Comics Written by Greg Pak

Downloadable MS Word comic book script template!


From time to time, folks have asked me for a format template for writing a comic book script. I finally took a few minutes to prep one — so download the MS Word template here!

It’s a simple MS Word document with two custom formats — ACTION and DIALOGUE. The dialogue in the script is formatted using the “DIALOGUE” format, shockingly enough. Everything else is formatted using “ACTION.”

I wrote up some thoughts and examples of other formatting things I do in the body of the template.

Hope it’s helpful, and all the best!

And if you dig it, please do consider picking up MAKE COMICS LIKE THE PROS, the how-to book written by yours truly and Fred Van Lente with illustrations by the great, Eisner-award winning cartoonist Colleen Coover.

Also please note, I may update this as I improve it over time, so feel free to check back later!


Action Comics Batman/Superman Comics Written by Greg Pak

2015.09.09 – ACTION COMICS #44 and BATMAN/SUPERMAN #24 in stores this Wednesday!


ACTION COMICS #44, featuring the reveal of Superman’s shadowy opponent and the shocking climax of the Kentville storyline, hits stores tomorrow! Written by Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder with art by Aaron Kuder and Howard Porter. Check out the preview here!

BATMAN/SUPERMAN #24, also hitting stores Wednesday, features the showdown between Superman and Aquaman and a final page reveal that will reverberate throughout the Superman universe. Written by Greg Pak, art by Ardian Syaf. Check out the preview here.

Amadeus Cho Comics Written by Greg Pak Hulk

The Totally Awesome Hulk… is Amadeus Cho!


Entertainment Weekly spilled the news on Friday — the new Hulk is Amadeus Cho!

Check out the big news here.

“The Totally Awesome Hulk” #1, written by yours truly with art by Frank Cho and colors by Sonia Oback, hits stores in December. Amadeus Cho was created by me and artist Takeshi Miyazawa way back in 2005. Totally thrilled about this totally awesome book and hugely grateful to everyone at Marvel to pulling us on board!

Here’s a quote from me from the EW article:

When [editor] Mark Pannica gave me a call, he said three words: “Amadeus Cho Hulk” and my head popped off. I said “I’m in! Let’s do it!” And Axel and Mark and I sat down and talked it all through, and it was immediately clear that we were all on the exact same page about this. I love Banner, I wrote Hulk stories for five and half years, and I loved writing Banner. Those stories mean a huge amount to me. At the same time, there’s a long tradition in Hulk stories of different people taking on that mantle, and with Amadeus in particular, it just set up a really great dynamic. Like Axel said, he’s going to be a very different kind of Hulk. He’s 19 years old, he’s on top of the world, he thinks he’s right about everything…and he might be. Or he might not be. But this is a kid who’s got a ridiculous amount of confidence. A lot of it has been justly earned, but he may be in over his head, and he’s going to come in here and he’s determined to be the best Hulk there’s ever been. He loves being the Hulk. And that may cause massive trouble for everyone else in the Marvel Universe. It’s just a great recipe.

Scroll on for some more glorious art from Frank and Sonia.



ABC Disgusting Amadeus Cho Books Written by Greg Pak Calendar Code Monkey Save World Comics Written by Greg Pak Hulk Princess Who Saved Herself Turok

2015.09.15 – Greg Pak and Takeshi Miyazawa sign at the Beguiling in Toronto!

Thrilled to reveal that artist Takeshi Miyazawa and I are signing at the Beguiling comic book shop in Toronto on September 15 from 5 to 7 pm! Full details here.

Tak and I have collaborated on a million projects, from co-creating Amadeus Cho (now the new Hulk!) way back in 2005 to working together on “Code Monkey Save World,” “The Princess Who Saved Herself,” and the soon-to-be-published “ABC Disgusting.”

The Beguiling will have copies of both “Code Monkey Save World” and “The Princess Who Saved Herself” for sale.

You can RSVP at Facebook here.

See you then!

Tuesday, September 15th, 5pm-7pm
The Beguiling, 601 Markham Street, Toronto (@ Bathurst TTC)
Free to attend

Comics Written by Greg Pak Kingsway West

Big new interview about KINGSWAY WEST at ComicsAlliance! And check out this gorgeous new cover!


Check out this gorgeous new cover by artist Mirko Colak and colorist Wil Quintana for KINGSWAY WEST #2!

And check out this new ComicsAlliance interview wherein I talk all about the book, the first issue of which arrives on November 11 and can be preordered at!

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

CA: Let’s get into some plot specifics. Obviously, our main character is Kingsway Law, a gunslinger who just did a 13-year stint in prison.

GP: Yep. A wild man who came of age on a lawless frontier… but who’s determined as hell to stay out of trouble now and find his wife.

CA: How wild are we talking here?

GP: Dangerous, unpredictable, legend-in-his-own-time wild?

CA: And there’s also a “mysterious Chinese swordswoman” that we’ve heard about in earlier interviews.

GP: Yep. She’s on the cover. Her name is Ah Toy. She’s got a mission for Kingsway that might put everything he’s dreamed about for 13 years into jeopardy.

CA: So there’s magic, swords, guns, and what appears to be a Jackalope with a saddle. What else can we look forward to in terms of the story?

GP: Huge love story. Big action. Complex protagonists and antagonists, including a woman Buffalo Soldier turned scout named Strode. And an epic reimagining of America’s past and future. And of course gorgeous, gorgeous art from Mirko Colak and colorist Wil Quintana.

Read More: Interview: Greg Pak On Building The World Of ‘Kingsway West’

Calendar Films Happy Fun Room

2015.09.06 – “Happy Fun Room” screens at the Dragon Con Film Festival!


My short film “Happy Fun Room” screens this Sunday at 10 pm in the Dystopian Sci Fi program of he Dragon Con Film Festival in Atlanta!

Click here for schedule and details!

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