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Greg Pak at the 2014 New York Comic Con. Photo by Brian Michael Bendis.

Greg Pak at the 2014 New York Comic Con. Photo by Brian Michael Bendis.

Greg Pak is an award-winning comic book writer and filmmaker currently writing “Batman/Superman” and “Action Comics” for DC Comics, “Turok” for Dynamite, and “Storm” for Marvel. Pak wrote the “Code Monkey Save World” graphic novel based on the songs of Jonathan Coulton and co-wrote (with Fred Van Lente) the acclaimed “Make Comics Like the Pros” how-to book.

Pak directed the award-winning feature film “Robot Stories,” wrote the epic “Planet Hulk” and “World War Hulk” comic book storylines, and co-wrote (with Fred Van Lente) the fan favorite “Incredible Hercules” series for Marvel Comics. Other projects include the sci-fi graphic novel and iPad app “Vision Machine,” the “Magneto Testament” and “Red Skull Incarnate” series for Marvel, and “Dead Man’s Run” for Valhalla and Aspen. Pak was named one of 25 Filmmakers to Watch by Filmmaker Magazine, described as “a talent with a future” by the New York Times, and named “Breakout Talent” of the year by Wizard Magazine.

Pak’s run on Marvel’s “Incredible Hulk” was named the Best Ongoing Series of 2007 by Wizard Magazine. Pak created the character of Amadeus Cho, who won a 2005 Marvel.com fan favorite poll and co-starred for four years in “Incredible Hercules.” Pak’s “Magneto Testament” was named the Best Miniseries of 2008 by IGN. Pak also wrote the “Battlestar Galactica” series for Dynamite and the latest “Eternal Warrior” series for Valiant.

Pak’s feature film “Robot Stories,” starring Tamlyn Tomita and Sab Shimono, played in 75 festivals, won 35 awards, screened theatrically across the country, and is now available on DVD from Kino. Pak’s feature screenplay “Rio Chino” won the Pipedream Screenwriting Award at the IFP Market and a Rockefeller Media Arts Fellowship. Pak wrote the screenplay for the feature film “MVP,” which premiered at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival.

Pak’s short film “Fighting Grandpa” has won 20 prizes, including a Student Academy Award, and has played in over 50 film festivals. Pak’s comic shorts “Asian Pride Porn” and “All Amateur Ecstasy” were among the most viewed films at AtomFilms.com and can now be seen on the Pakcast YouTube channel. His shorts “Mouse,” “Po Mo Knock Knock,” “Cat Fight Tonight” and “The Penny Marshall Project” have won awards and screened in dozens of film festivals around the world. Pak’s most recent short film is “Happy Fun Room,” a near future story starring Cindy Cheung that was funded by ITVS for its upcoming Futurestates series.

Pak studied political science at Yale University, history at Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar, and film production at the NYU graduate film program. For the latest about Greg Pak’s work, visit gregpak.com and twitter.com/gregpak.

Professional film and television inquiries can be directed towards Greg Pak’s agent, Sandra Lucchesi, The Gersh Agency, Los Angeles.

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