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Amadeus Cho wants to read your Marvel haiku

By Greg Pak
Yesterday, the fictional comic book character Amadeus Cho announced via Twitter that fans who write Marvel-themed haiku might have a chance to see their work published in the letter column of the “Chaos War” miniseries. Below are his tweets – read on and start writing your #mrvlhaiku today!

By Amadeus Cho
So the universe is under threat from @thechaosking, who wants to reduce everything to the darkness and chaos that existed before creation. Which I don’t like.
So I’ve been mocking @thechaosking, who has a pretty thin skin for a supremely powerful reality destroyer. He’s also a pretentious doof who speaks only in haiku. Which got me thinking. So I consulted with @gregpak, @fredvanlente and @cracksh0t
… who are putting together the “Chaos War” series that chronicles our upcoming battle for the ages with @thechaosking
… and they’re going to print the best haikus they get about the Marvel Universe. Let’s call this #mrvlhaiku . You wanna be considered?
Send your #mrvlhaiku . Be sure to write OKAY TO PRINT in the email. & you might see it in a “Chaos War” letter page!
And of course feel free to twitter your haiku with the hashtag – but you have to email to be considered for the letter page.

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