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“Assault on New Olympus” recs and reviews

The “Assault on New Olympus Prologue,” written by Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente with art by Rodney Buchemi, has gotten some nice recommendations and reviews. A couple of excerpts:

“So, yeah, this is a comic where Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente writes a fight between Spider-Man and Hercules over a seemingly airhead goddess. It has everything that makes Pak, Van Lente, Incredible Herc, Spider-Man, MarvelComics, mythological superheroes, and comics in general great.”
— Brad Curran, Comic Book Resources
“The stellar team of Pak and Van Lente unleash the next arc of the Hercules series in this one shot. Hercules, Amadeus, two teams of Avengers, the Agents of Atlas, and Ares all feature in this event, and Olympus itself will never be the same. Step-Mommy Dearest Hera has been a really bad girl as of late, and Hercules has a few things to sort out with her. Pak and Van Lente are responsible for one of the best series out there today, and backstopped by artist Rodney Buchemi, they’re going to give us even more in the next few months.”
— William Keogh,

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