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Princess Who Saved Herself | Ronin Island | Darth Vader | Hulk | Please consider donating to writer Bill Mantlo's ongoing care! loves “Incredible Hulk” #103

Nick Marino has posted a rave review of “Incredible Hulk” #103 at Here’s an excerpt:

… the issue is reminiscent of Chris Claremont’s moving stories from Uncanny X-Men, mixing heavily between intrigue, fantasy locales, and introspective characterization. Greg Pak’s scenes are expertly timed to evoke the maximum emotional effect. And this could never be accomplished without the incredible art team of Aaron Lopresti, Sandu Florea, and Chris Sotomayor. These artists are in peak form as they create a stable system of storytelling by use of panel size, shadows, and color contrast.

The art and writing are superb in issue #103, and elevate the Planet Hulk saga from an exciting event to a must-read sci-fi epic.

Click here for the full review.

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