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Bloggers dig “Incredible Hulk” #601

“Incredible Hulk” #601, written by Greg Pak with art by Ariel Olivetti, has nabbed a few “Best Comic of the Week” nods from bloggers. Here are some excerpts from a few reviews:
Gregor’s Comic Book Review:

Bruce Banner losing his abilities, would normally mean that he would disappear from comics for a while, but Pak is taking advantage of the smart, interesting and powerless Bruce Banner. This is an opportunity I’m glad they didn’t miss. There’s some great character interactions and fun scenes. Even if you aren’t a fan of the Hulk you should try this first issue. Don’t miss out!

Breakfast for Dinner:

It’s a great set up and… heeey… maybe that is what makes Pak such a great writer! His premises for stories are so well defined. He doesn’t stray from them either! He displays his guns and then sticks to them throughout the entire– no, I gotta stop! Fun fun fun! Can’t break Pak’s writing down too much! Greg Pak writes great stories that are FUN!!

Funny Book of the Week:

Banner’s interaction with the rest of the big brains in the Marvel U alone could have carried this issue, but when he seeks out his son things really pick up and Banner’s plans to give the both of them what they want is perfect.

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