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Bloggers dig “Skaar: Son of Hulk” #1

“Skaar: Son of Hulk” #1 hit stores yesterday, and bloggers are hitting back today. A few excerpts of the raves:
Sam Wilson at the’s Mighty Reviews:

Let’s just call this one. This book is my pick of the week.

This book, from the story to the art, just plain hits the ground running. With only one issue it looks like Marvel has a new and unique winning character and title on its hands. … The possibilities seem endless but for right now I’m content to strap my seat belt on and let Pak, along with the amazing Ron Garney, take me back to planet Sakaar in a book that’s just found itself at the top of my reading pile going forward.

Creative Loafing Charlotte

I love the rough-and-tumble setting of the planet Sakaar, which is teeming with strange monsters and sadistic bad guys…. Skaar is shockingly enjoyable.

Jason Michelitch:

People less acquainted with comics may assume that a book called “Son of Hulk” would feature Hulk Dad, though, but those people should easily be won over by such lines of dialogue as “It’s AXEMAN BONE! Run for your lives!”
It’s really hard not to love a comic with a character in it named Axeman Bone.
This is a really great comic. Really. The plot is all people killing other people with spears, and then sometimes they use axes. Oh, and sometimes big alien bugs kill people, but then Son of Hulk kills alien bugs. And people.

Occasional Superheroine:

If you’re not going to buy it for the great Greg Pak writing — basically bringing the same epic narrative to this work as he did for World War Hulk — then for God’s sake do it for Ron Garney’s art.
Garney’s art in this book is like a cross between Joe Kubert and Gil Kane. Together with great, understated color by Paul Mounts, Skaar Son Of Hulk is absolutely freakin’ gorgeous.

“Skaar: Son of Hulk” #1 was written by Greg Pak with art by Ron Garney and colors by Paul Mounts. Ask your local retailer to hold a copy for you today!

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