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Bloggers say nice things about Greg Pak’s comics

Ben Morse on “World War Hulk”:

It’s a timeless tale twisted in enough ways to be novel and it’s also packing the secret weapon of the one and only John Romita Jr. on art, and his pairing with Pak could not be more perfect as he draws just as grand as his writing counterpart tends to plot.

Jennifer Smith on “War Machine”:

And all of these characters, be they male or female, are strong, intelligent, and very, very good at their jobs. When the women are in danger, they’re saved due to the efforts of a mixed-gender team – as are the men. And if some non-white characters have shady criminal histories, they’re balanced out by those with impeccable records. These characters defy stereotypes and pigeonholing, and though their cultural backgrounds have obviously had an impact on their lives, as we see specifically in flashbacks to Rhodey’s childhood, their race isn’t their sole defining feature.

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