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Kickstarter Secrets

Kickstarter Secrets is an ebook of practical advice about running a crowdfunding campaign from Greg Pak, the writer of record-breaking Kickstarter publishing projects such as Code Monkey Save World and The Princess Who Saved Herself.

Kickstarter Secrets will ship in October. Pre-order it today!

KICKSTARTER SECRETS audiobook now available!

I recently wrote a how-to book called KICKSTARTER SECRETS that shared all of my best tips for running crowdfunding campaigns based on my experiences with the Kickstarters for CODE MONKEY SAVE WORLD, THE PRINCESS WHO SAVED HERSELF, and ABC DISGUSTING.

Today I’m thrilled to announce the release of an audiobook of KICKSTARTER SECRETS, which you can buy right now at! If you’ve ever thought about crowdfunding, this is the book for you.

Hope you enjoy, and thanks as always!

New Humble Bundle benefitting the Hero Initiative includes FOUR Greg Pak books

I’m thrilled to reveal that four of my books are part of the “Heroes of Indie Comics” Humble Bundle that benefits the Hero Initiative!

The Hero Initiative is a tremendous charity that helps out comics creators in need. Humble Bundle is a website through which you pay what you want for cool bundles of digital stuff with a percentage going to charity. You can even set exactly how much of your contribution goes to charity when you check out.

The “Heroes of Indie Comics” Humble Bundle includes ABC DISGUSTING, CODE MONKEY SAVE WORLD, THE PRINCESS WHO SAVED HERSELF, and KICKSTARTER SECRETS. I’m super proud of all those books and now you can get ’em dirt cheap, along with a slew of other books from folks like Fred Van Lente, Ryan Dunlavey, Jeff Lemire, Jill Thompson, Jimmy Palmiotti, and many more!

Please do check it out here and contribute today!

2017.09.22 – 09.22 – Greg Pak at the Baltimore Comic Con!

Thrilled to share that I’ll be a guest of the Baltimore Comic Con this weekend, attending Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I’ll be at table 208 in Artists Alley with tons of comics, including MECH CADET YU, KINGSWAY WEST, BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA/ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, PLANET HULK, TOTALLY AWESOME HULK, and tons more!

I’ll also be on three panels on Saturday:

12:00-1:00 – DMC panel

1:30-2:30 – Marvel panel

4:00-5:00 – BOOM! panel

See you soon!



All online sales of KICKSTARTER SECRETS and ABC DISGUSTING in Sept. going to the North Texas Food Bank!

Hey, all! Just a quick reminder that throughout September, I’m donating all proceeds from online sales of my books KICKSTARTER SECRETS and ABC DISGUSTING to the North Texas Food Bank. Please do check out the books here:

ABC Disgusting children's book – signed by Greg Pak!

Kickstarter Secrets PDF

And please do feel free to share this message with your friends!

And as always, you can donate directly to the North Texas Food Bank right here:

Many thanks and all the best!

The Kickstarter Secrets book is done and available for purchase!


Big, big news! At long last, I’ve finished writing Kickstarter Secrets, a 154 page, 61,730 word book chock full of just about everything I know about crowdfunding!

Whether you’re an early career creator thinking about launching your first Kickstarter or a grizzled veteran, this book is for you, packed with practical examples and stories drawn from my campaigns and featuring interviews with incredible Kickstarter creators like Amy Chu, Hope Nicholson, Jimmy Palmiotti, C. Spike Trotman, and Drew Westphal.

And you can grab the digital pdf of the book this very second at ! Please do check it out!

As an added bonus, you can listen to five hour-long Kickstarter Secrets interviews with Amy, Hope, Jimmy, Spike and Drew right now on iTunes. Enjoy!

Free mini audio book of Greg Pak’s Kickstarter Primer!

Hey, friends! We’re down to the last forty eight hours of my Kickstarter campaign for Kickstarter Secrets, an book of advice about running Kickstarters. So as a kind of a tease, I’ve recorded a mini audio book of the 22 point Kickstarter primer I wrote last year. You can download it here or via Greg Pak’s Pakcast on iTunes.

And here it is embedded into this very post!

If you like what you hear in the mini audio book, you’re going to love the full Kickstarter Secrets book, which explores all those topics and more with much more detail. Please do feel free to check out the Kickstarter and back today!


Ihnatko Almanac podcast with Greg Pak about Kickstarter Secrets!

Had a ton of fun talking with Andy Ihnatko about the Kickstarter Secrets, an ebook of Kickstarter tips that I’m funding via Kickstarter, natch! 😉

New Kickstarter Secrets 8K stretch goal: Audio book for all backers!

So my crazy Kickstarter for a book of Kickstarter advice called Kickstarter Secrets continues apace! Backers breezed past the initial goal in a day and have unlocked multiple stretch goals, enabling me to interview amazing Kickstarter creators Amy Chu, Drew Westphal, Hope Nicholoson, Jimmy Palmiotti, and C. Spike Trotman. Now I’m pleased to announce the fifth stretch goal: if we hit $8000, I’ll record an audio book of Kickstarter Secrets that all backers will get for free! Please do feel free to check the project out here:
Thanks so much and have a great week!

KICKSTARTER SECRETS hits target, announces Amy Chu/Drew Westphal interview stretch goal!


By Greg Pak

Yesterday morning I launched a Kickstarter for Kickstarter Secrets, an ebook of advice about… wait for it… running a Kickstarter! Whether you’re an established pro or a first time creator, this is the realistic, practical book of crowdfunding tips for you. Please feel free to check out the campaign, back it, and spread the word!

So over a hundred wonderful backers pushed the campaign past its initial goal in seven hours, and now I’m thrilled to announce our first set of stretch goals!

If we hit $3000, I’ll interview Amy Chu and Drew Westphal, two great creators with incredible Kickstarter experiences that will add huge value to the final book.


Amy Chu funded her two GIRLS NIGHT OUT comics anthologies through Kickstarter. When people ask me how to break in to comics, I point to Amy, who started as an unknown a few years ago, built her skills and reputation step by step, and now is working on projects like POISON IVY for DC and DEADPOOL and ANT-MAN for Marvel. I can’t wait to talk to her about how she built the network to fund her Kickstarters and what kind of advice she has for creators at the start of their careers.

Drew Westphal is the logistical genius who kept the wheels on the bus during the CODE MONKEY SAVE WORLD Kickstarter, coordinating the production of special rewards, finding and managing vendors, and creating the digital infrastructure for organizing addresses, generating mailing lists, and distributing digital rewards. He’ll shed light on all of the nuts and bolts of running a campaign and probably remind me of a bunch of my mistakes. 😉 Drew works with with a number of artists on custom direct-to-fan sales, customer service, fulfillment and logistics. He is also a partner in the annual JoCo Cruise, which sets sail on March 4, 2017 out of San Diego, CA.

Right now the Kickstarter Secrets campaign is at $2623. Just under $400 more and we’ll add Amy and Drew to the book — and announce the next exciting stretch goal interviews!

Thanks so much for your consideration and all the best!


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