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Vision Machine

Vision Machine app trailer!

Check it out! Then Download the app!

Thanks to all for coming to the “Vision Machine” panel at the NYCC!

I was blown away by the size and enthusiasm of the crowd at the “Debuting the Vision Machine iPad App” panel yesterday at the New York Comic-Con. Thanks so much for coming out, everyone!
The “Vision Machine” app is now LIVE and can be downloaded for FREE at the iTunes Store.
Enjoy — and please feel free to spread the word!

Vision Machine iPad app now LIVE and FREE at the iTunes Store!

The Vision Machine interactive comics iPad app is now LIVE on iTunes — download it for FREE!
Then come see the Vision Machine panel at the New York Comic-Con Friday at 12:30 pm!
Please note the app requires iPad 2 or 3.

Check out the “Making of the Vision Machine iPad App” video!

On Friday, October 12, at 12:30 pm, writer Greg Pak will debut the iPad app version of his “Vision Machine” graphic novel at the the New York Comic-Con. Now check out the “Making Of” video that tells the story of how the cast and crew worked together to make this revolutionary interactive digital comics app!

Donate $25 or more to the Sikh temple shooting victims and I’ll send you a signed copy of “Vision Machine”

UPDATE: I’m opening this up a bit – after you donate, name any character that’s starred in one of my books and I’ll send you a signed comic featuring that character IN ADDITION to the “Vision Machine” graphic novel.
My heart goes out to the victims of the shootings at the Oak Creek Sikh Temple. I’ve sent in a donation to help, and I’d love to encourage you to do the same.
If you donate $25 or more to help the victims and their families, I’ll send you a signed copy of my “Vision Machine” graphic novel.
Click here for info on how to donate via check or online.
UPDATE: Here’s another fund you can donate to — set up by the Japanese American Citizens League and the Organization of Chinese Americans.
Then email me at vm at pakbuzz dot com with your snail mail address, the amount you donated, and a sentence reading “I am over eighteen years old.”
(Please note: I can only mail books to US addresses — sorry!)
We’re using the honor system here — if you say you donated, I will believe you.
Thanks so much!

Greg Pak’s Pakcast 002: The Making of the “Vision Machine” iPad app – with Phil LaMarr!

Greg Pak reveals behind-the-scenes footage of the voice recording for the iPad app version of his graphic novel “Vision Machine.” With Phil LaMarr, Cindy Cheung, Angel Desai, Johnny Pruitt, and Nick Fondulis.

2012.01.17 – Greg Pak at Comic Book Club in NYC

Greg Pak will be the guest at the Comic Book Club live comedy show on January 17 in New York City.
This would be a great place to hear more about Pak’s “Dead Man’s Run,” “Vision Machine,” and “Doctor Strange: Season One” projects — and possibly score some free comics.
Click here for the deets.

Comics Alliance loves “Vision Machine”

Comics Alliance’s Andy Khouri says some incredibly nice things about “Vision Machine,” the sci fi graphic novel from Greg Pak and RB Silva. Here’s an excerpt:

Vision Machine strikes an exquisite balance between satire and commentary without ever becoming silly or didactic, and it’s a beautifully told comic book story to boot, filled with diverse characters and lots of provocative ideas. Nearly every page of Vision Machine finds Pak and Silva innovating some bit of storytelling cleverness that makes a comic book about the Internet seem just as visually entertaining as either of their impressive superhero tales for Marvel or DC.

Check out the full article.
And download your own FREE copy of the graphic novel — as well as a textless version for easy remixing!

Textless “Vision Machine” now available for remixers!

By Greg Pak
My graphic novel “Vision Machine,” pencilled by the brilliant RB Silva, was funded by the Ford Foundation and is distributed for FREE under a Creative Commons license that allows anyone to reuse and remix it non-commercially, as long as they credit Pak Man Productions.
Now we’re making it much easier for any would-be remixers out there by releasing the unlettered colored pages of “Vision Machine” for download!
Click here to download the pdf of the unlettered “Vision Machine” graphic novel.
Click here to download the lettered “Vision Machine” graphic novel.
And be sure to ping me via Twitter if you create a remix or derivative work!

Fanboy Planet loves “Vision Machine”

The fine folks at Fanboy Planet podcast reviewed (and loved) “Vision Machine.”
Check it out! (The review begins around the 30:00 mark.)
To download your own FREE copy of “Vision Machine,” visit the official website.

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