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Everybody’s Supersonic

A short film written and directed by Greg Pak

2004, 2 minutes, color. A planet surfing alien teaches a runner about real speed.
Starring Joe LaRue as the Runner and Ed Lin as the Alien
Written and Directed by Greg Pak
Produced by Karin Chien, Cinematography by Toshiro Yamaguchi, Music by Joe Pleiman, Visual Special Effects by Robert Morris, Special Effects Makeup by Anthony Pepe, Costumes by Bernadette Jurkowski.

Everybody's Supersonic Films

“Everybody’s Supersonic” now viewable online!

By Greg Pak
In 2004, I directed a two minute short film as part of Nike’s “You’re Faster Than You Think” campaign in which a planet-surfing alien (Ed Lin) teaches a runner (Joe LaRue) the true meaning of speed. Check it out!
Written and Directed by Greg Pak
Produced by Karin Chien
Cinematography by Toshiro Yamaguchi
Music by Joe Pleiman
Visual Special Effects by Robert Morris
Special Effects Makeup by Anthony Pepe
Costumes by Bernadette Jurkowski

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