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Tiny Details

Tech Support Tiny Details

If your desktop Mac’s internet connection is super slow for no reason…

… it might be because your iPhone is plugged in and “Personal Hotspot” is enabled.

I’ve been struggling with this one for a few days now — I have great broadband connection in my office but the internet on my desktop computer was super slow. Then I realized it was only happening when my iPhone was plugged in for charging. Most obviously, any site using Youtube wouldn’t fully load. Youtube itself wouldn’t load.

And then I realized I had “Personal Hotspot” activated on my iPhone. (I use the Personal Hotspot setting when out of the office to get an internet connection into my laptop — and sometimes forget to turn it off.)

I deactivated “Personal Hotspot” and internet speed on the desktop returned to normal.

Either the computer got confused with multiple choices for internet access and just bogged down. Or, stupidly, the computer was using the iPhone connection via USB rather than the much better office broadband connection.

Just sharing on the off chance it help someone else!

Tiny Details

Tiny Details: If your WordPress auto-crossposting to Twitter isn’t working…

…it may be because you need to update Jetpack.

I’d actually forgotten how I’d set up crossposting, but it turns out I used the “Publicize” feature under Jetpack. Today crossposting didn’t work. I did some poking around and realized Jetpack had disabled itself and I needed to update it to get it back online.

So there ya go!

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